PUBG Mobile introduces a new anti-cheat detection system to identify and ban hackers in the game in real time


PUBG Mobile has become a very competitive sport in India, but it still has problems related to hackers that have modified the game to gain an unfair advantage. While PUBG Mobile has been doing a lot over the past year to reduce practical stories, I have now revealed all the new measures against the commitment it is taking to keep the game as fair as possible.

PUBG Mobile says that its executed system is a detection software that can search for suspicious software and modified game data. Engagement methods are evolving, PUBG Mobile uses a massive and constantly expanding library to cross-reference when detecting suspicious software. Game developers use game observation techniques to discover which players are using unfair means to gain an advantage over their competition.

The PUBG Mobile security team also analyzes players who are reportedly banning players who detect suspicious ways to win. “We are very proud of the game we work in every day, and cheats make all our work cheaper. We are trying our best to keep cheats out of our game as much as possible, and hundreds of team members are dedicated to this task, ”said Vincent Wang, General Manager of the Global Publications Department at Tencent Games.

The team can efficiently observe the gameplay to differentiate between the use of unfair software and the player’s ability, as well as in unusual cases of the game due to delay or loss of packages. In a commitment to quickly deal with players who use hacking and cheating software, PUBG MOBILE developers can comply with players’ bans in real-time.


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