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Publix Passport Login: Supermarkets are the most visited and helpful places in one’s life. Be it any stuff one needs, which can be found in a supermarket. The Publix is one such chain of supermarkets. Its headquarters are in Lakeland, Florida. ‘Publix Passport’ is an online service portal dedicated to the employees of Publix.

It is meant to serve them in all ways possible. After logging in on this portal, one can access daily schedules and routines, browse through one’s payslips, and manage other financial and general benefits. Like many other supermarket chains like Walmart, Lowe’s Stores, and others have their employee service portals, so does Publix. This portal is called ‘Publix Oasis’. 

Publix Passport Login:

Publix Passport Login

More about Publix Oasis

The employees of gigantic supermarket chains put in a lot of hard work and dedication to make such ventures successful. Hence, to give the employees the benefits they rightfully deserve, Publix Oasis is the official service portal of Publix. It gives the employees access to their daily work schedules, payslips, and contact information.

Uses of the Publix Oasis for the Publix Employees 

Transparency is a great asset when it comes to any relationship. In the case of a working relationship, the employee would naturally want to know all about the company and its businesses. Your paychecks and other benefits should hold the same value for our employer as they mean to the employee. Publix Oasis provided transparency and trustworthiness in the professional relationship of Publix with its employees. 

How to Login To Publix Passport? 

The Publix Passport, or Publix Oasis, is the official service portal of Publix created to reach out to all of its employees. It can be used to connect, address, and resolve grievances related to the employees’ queries. You can access this website from any device through any browser you have. Publix Passport is compatible only with Safari 5.1 for Mac or iOS devices. It is also working on IE7.0 for PC. If you use an Android, iOS, or Mac, you can use the Firefox4.0 browser. Unfortunately, Google Chrome is not compatible with this website. 

Steps to Log In:

  • On this page, you have to enter the credentials, like the user ID and password of the employee, and click on the ‘Login’ button. 
  • If you are a first-time visitor, you might have to provide some other details to establish a new account with Publix Passport. 
  • Then, it opens a gateway of accessibilities like knowing work schedules, paychecks, and other benefits. 

If You Cannot Login To Publix Passport…

There are four basic reasons for this to happen:

  • Your browser may be incompatible with the Publix Oasis website and with your device. 
  • You may have entered the incorrect address on this page. There may be a spelling mistake in the address you entered.
  • Sometimes, there can be an ESS runtime error. Just refreshing the browser helps in that case. 
  • You might have forgotten the most important credential of your account, i.e., your password.

Resetting the User ID and Password of a Publix Oasis Account

If you are a Publix employee, you will be given an email ID linked to your Publix Oasis account, which can be used for password retrieval. You have to go to the login page of this portal, click the ‘Difficulty with Password’ button, and get redirected to a page where you can enter the user ID. After that, you will receive an email resetting the password. You can follow the directions given there and have a new password. 

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How to View Daily Schedule on Publix Passport login?

When you log in to your account, you will get to the homepage of your personal space. Below the Oasis logo is a button called ‘Open OSS.’ That will redirect you to the Publix Oasis schedule. The schedule is in the form of a calendar and maintains the employee’s shifts and days. This tool can be used to determine your pay for the month and change your schedule according to your availability. 

Contact Details of Publix Human Resource and Payroll

Publix Human Resources: 1-(863) 688-7407, ext. 52108.
The Publix Payroll: 1-(863) 688-7408, ext. 22311.  

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