Punters gobsmacked as woman uses karaoke to call out fiancé for ‘cheating’ with friend

A woman stunned pubgoers when she used her karaoke session to call out her fiancé who was supposedly cheating with her best friend.

She went viral after video emerged on TikTok showing the scorned girlfriend roasting her “unfaithful” partner in public.

In the clip, the woman in black Nike top, sings on a microphone to Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” in a local pub.

She then walks across the pub to the bar table and tells her fiancé that the woman sitting next to him is “my friend”.

“You had sex with her, issn’t that right?” she points at her and looks at her partner.

Her friend, wearing a beige pink top, quickly gets up from the chair and embarrassingly walks away.

The woman turned an open mic into a roasting shaming on her partner

The woman then carries on singing but continues to vent her anger, yelling at her partner: “You proposed to me, on Friday.

“I’m supposed to be your wife.”

The man denies and replies with a firm “no”, to which the woman says: “Bro don’t f***ing play me. You’re such a liar.”

The clip ends when she turns to her friend, saying: “We’ve been friends for so long!”

TikToker @TikTokero posted a text in the video, explaining: “Went to karaoke last night and some girl caught her fiancé cheating with her friend.”

Her fiance and friend quickly separated and stood away from each other
Her fiance and friend quickly separated and stood away from each other

Viewers were left scratching their heads and asked for more details.

Some believed it could be a staged video and it was a prank between the couple and the friend.

One commented: “The ‘friend’ was low-key scared.”

Another suggested: “We need to find the ‘singer’ and get the full story out. Can someone also get a full transcript of what she said?”

Others praised the DJ for keeping the beat going, with a viewer saying: “Shout out to the DJ because we don’t know what she would have done if the music got cut-off.”

“The DJ had one job to do and he did it successfully,” a second penned and a third added: “The DJ is just vibing in the back.”

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