‘Queen Bee’: Adorable Video Of Dog Disguised As Bee Makes Netizens Go ‘Awww’; Watch

Recently, a clip of a cute puppy has been circulation on social media. The video was shared on Instagram’s official handle where a dog is dressed as a bee.

These days we see a variety of videos featuring animals on social media, whether it’s animals doing bizarre and unusual things or them frolicking in clothing, shoes, and hats. It’s enough to brighten anyone’s day. Many similar heartwarming posts go viral on social media all the time. Recently, a clip of a cute puppy has been circulation on social media. The video was shared by Instagram’s official social media handle along with the caption, “Queen Bee Meet Pearl (@the_frenchie_doots), a 2-year-old French bulldog who is as sweet as honey.”


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The dog was dressed as a bee

The video shows the dog named Pearl dressed as a bee. It’s been 20 hours since the post was shared. The post has garnered almost 2.8 lakh likes since it was published, and the figure continues to rise. While commenting on the video, people also gave a variety of love-filled comments. One person commented, “My heart can’t take it.” Another commenter wrote, “Cool.” “Very cute,” commented another Instagram user.

Other adorable dog videos

In another fresh addition to these videos is a dog named Rosie which “looks distracted.” The video, which began with a black-furred Cannie gazing constantly and not keeping still for more than a few seconds, was shared to the dog’s Instagram account. The dog’s expression adds to the video’s overall delight.

Another video of a dog falling asleep in a car has gone viral. The footage was published on Twitter by a user who goes by the handle ‘Buitengebieden.’

A recent contribution is a glimpse of a dog named Kuroto who is sporting a natural leaf hat with a beautiful smile. Photos of her wearing a “sustainably sourced” hat have since gone viral. Many individuals have responded positively to the message. The dog looks charming and has a very welcoming smile on its face.

A different video depicts a cute puppy who is terrified of the dark and needs light to sleep. In addition, the dog prefers to sleep on someone’s lap. The one-minute video by an Instagram user portrays the doggo’s fear of sleeping in the dark and, in the end, offers an unexpected solution. The owner takes him to the supermarket and gets a rubber light ball.

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