Queen Elizabeth Forbids Prince Harry And Meghan Markle From Having UK Christening?

Queen Elizabeth in a blue outfit with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on a balcony

Is Queen Elizabeth forbidding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from giving their daughter, Lilibet Diana, a royal christening? One tabloid insists the queen is “under pressure” to not allow her great-granddaughter to be christened at Windsor Castle. Gossip Cop investigates.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle ‘Headed For A Rude Awakening’?

This week, Life & Style reports Prince Harry and Meghan Markle plan to christen their newborn daughter, Lilibet, in Windsor Castle just like they did for their son, Archie. An inside source explains, “As much as he’s in love with Meghan and committed to his new life and family, Harry is still a Brit at heart,” adding, “He doesn’t want Lili to be the only royal in his country’s history to be christened outside the UK.”

But the tabloid insists Queen Elizabeth is “under pressure” to deny Lilibet a royal christening. The insider dishes, “Harry and Meghan are as disliked in England as Prince Andrew is these days, and the queen’s realizing that she needs to think of the people first,” adding, “She adores Harry and has allowed him to get away with so much. It looks like he and Meghan are finally in for a very rude awakening, though.”

Queen Elizabeth ‘Forced Into A Corner’?

The outlet notes that fans of the royals have been upset by the fact that Harry and Markle still retain the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex despite abandoning their royal duties. Many were further angered to find out Lilibet had been officially penned in as eighth in line to the throne. The source goes on, “Harry and Meghan seem to want all the good things about being royal without doing any of the work,” adding, “The call is getting louder to stop letting them enjoy the perks.”

The snitch insists the queen has been “forced into a corner” and simply cannot let Lilibet have a royal christening. “It would look very bad for them to have the type of royal ceremony they want,” the insider notes, “Meghan and Harry have no idea that all of this is going on behind the scenes. So it should be a real shock for then when their request for Lili is denied.”

Queen Elizbeth Denying Sussexes Royal Christening After Public Outrage?

So, is it true Queen Elizabeth is planning to forbid Harry and Markle from christening their daughter on royal grounds? We seriously doubt it. First of all, the tabloid relies on the testimony of an unnamed, unverifiable insider to back up its claims. We seriously doubt any such person exists. This alleged source claims to know the intimate feelings of Harry, the queen, and the people of the UK. While there are certainly people who love the royals, it’s hard to believe anyone possesses this level of intimate knowledge. That is, unless the tabloid is talking to Queen Elizabeth herself, which we don’t think is happening. As the tabloid noted, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry are still famously very close — she was actually one of the first people to meet Lilibet Diana via video call. It’s hard to buy this sudden twist of feelings out of nowhere.

Furthermore, while it has been rumored that Harry and Markle want to christen Lilibet in the UK, nothing has been confirmed. All of this can be traced back to a report from the Daily Mail claiming, “Harry told several people that they want to have Lili christened in Windsor, just like her brother.” This claim has yet to be substantiated, and the Daily Mail has been less than reliable in the past. At this point, nothing official is known about Harry and Markle’s christening plans. It seems a bit premature to claim the queen is banning the Sussexes from holding a royal christening when we truly don’t know if that is their intention. The expected date is still months away, and COVID is still a conflicting factor in any future plans, regardless of royal status.

The Tabloid On The Sussexes

This wouldn’t be the first time Life & Style has gotten it wrong about the Sussexes. Earlier this year, the outlet claimed Harry and Markle had a “miserable” anniversary. Then the magazine alleged Harry was “on the verge of total breakdown” from constant fighting with Markle. And more recently, the tabloid reported Harry and Markle’s marriage was in serious trouble after the birth of their daughter. Obviously, Life & Style has proved to know very little about the lives of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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