Queen Elizabeth Has Meghan Markle ‘Banned For Life’ From Royal Palaces?

Queen Elizabeth smiling outdoors in a blue outfit

Is Meghan Markle banned from ever going to royal palaces? Last year, one report claimed that Queen Elizabeth effectively kicked Markle out of the family over the book Finding Freedom. Gossip Cop is ready to look back on that story to see what actually happened.

‘Meghan Is Out!’

According to the National Enquirer, Queen Elizabeth ordered Markle be banned from royal grounds for life, but not Prince Harry. An insider said the queen “ordered a video conference where she bluntly told Harry’s wife, ‘You are not family!’” Queen Elizabeth was incensed because of the memoir Finding Freedom, which the tabloid said was made “seemingly with Harry and Meghan’s blessing.”

This was one of many tabloid hit pieces in the wake of Finding Freedom, all of which acted as if the book came from the Sussexes themselves. The couple released a statement on the country saying they “did not contribute to Finding Freedom.” The very week this story came out, several royal family members wished Markle a happy birthday. The ban was obviously false.

Was She Kicked Out?

As you’d expect, the time has not been kind to this story. Markle has yet to enter a royal palace, but that has everything to do with COVID-19 and her pregnancy with Lilibet Diana, not some bogus ban. Prince Harry will likely return to the UK this September and bring Markle, but that remains to be seen.

Gossip Cop has also seen reports about Prince Harry and Markle christening Lilibet Diana back in England. So whether it’s for a christening, a Princess Diana tribute, or something beyond 2021, Markle will inevitably return to the palaces.

Markle turned 40 this year, and once again, senior members of the royal family wished her a happy birthday on Instagram. She’s clearly not been kicked out or banned from anything, or the social media teams that run these pages would not say her name.

Other Royal Rumors

In a later vengeful story, this outlet claimed Prince Charles was getting revenge on Markle by punishing her children. It also claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex earned $500 million for their interview with Oprah Winfrey. That number was impossibly large and utterly baseless, so Gossip Cop debunked the story.

This tabloid ran an article straight-up calling Markle a bipolar narcissist. It hates Markle and will attack her at every opportunity. She was never kicked out of the royal family, so this story was false.


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