Queen left unimpressed with Prince Charles plans for the future monarchy

THE Queen is reportedly not amused by claims that Prince Charles wants to turn Buckingham Palace into a museum, it has been alleged. 

According to a royal source, the future monarch is hopping to turn the royal residence into a public attraction, and some courtiers have expressed their concerns. 


The Queen is reportedly not happy for Prince Charles to turn Buckingham Palace into a museum, it has been claimedCredit: PA
It has been said that heir to the throne Charles is keen to open Buckingham Palace up to the public


It has been said that heir to the throne Charles is keen to open Buckingham Palace up to the publicCredit: Alamy

Buckingham Palace has served as the official London residence of the UK’s sovereigns since 1837 and is also where the Queen’s offices are situated. 

Royal commentator Neil Sean told the Express that Her Majesty is not a fan of turning the historic pad into a tourist trap. 

He said: “This will not be happening anytime soon, particularly while we still have our gracious Majesty the Queen with us.

“She’s not very keen on that particular idea and believes of course, that it should remain a family home of sorts.


“Her Majesty the Queen will go between Windsor Castle, which she considers her main London base, and spending two to four days a week also out at the re-renovated Buckingham Palace.”

A royal source said to Fabulous Digital that Prince Charles is said to find Buckingham Palace “too big, too impersonal, and far too costly to run for what is basically a royal admin centre.”

They added: “He sees its future as being some sort of open space for the public – open all the time not just for the summer. 

“Maybe a permanent exhibition of decades of history on the Royal Family.”

And it’s not the only change Prince Charles is hoped to make when he ascends the throne, according to sources. 

He is said to be keen to have a slimmed-down royal family and eventually wants to be independent of taxpayers’ support. 

Currently the palace is only open to the public during the summer months of August and September, when the Queen is at her Scottish residence, Balmoral.

The 775-room Buckingham Palace, which includes 19 State rooms and 52 royal and guest bedrooms, has been the site of numerous royal and national celebrations, including the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee.

The move to let the public view inside the royal residence was first made in 1993, and the tour includes access to the State Rooms, the White Drawing Room, the Throne Room, the Picture Gallery, the Ballroom, the Grand Staircase and the palace garden. 

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One sceptical courtier referring to Charles’ plans as “Royalopolis”. 

They sniffed: “Why not just get Madame Tussauds to run the whole place?”

When he turns king, Prince Charles could opt to shun Buckingham Palace as his new home, and stay at Windsor Castle, where the Queen often resides on weekends and feels most “at home”.

He currently lives in Highgrove House in Gloucestershire or in Clarence House when he is in London. 

When Charles is king, he hopes to implement a 'slimmed down' monarchy, it has been claimed


When Charles is king, he hopes to implement a ‘slimmed down’ monarchy, it has been claimedCredit: PA

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