R. Kelly Requests Herpes-Related Charges Dropped In His Criminal Case

Singer R. Kelly wants the feds to drop several charges in his ongoing criminal case, claiming the Herpes-related crimes shouldn’t count due to public health laws.

According to new legal documents, filed in the Eastern District of New York, R. Kelly is asking that the court throw out the charges for knowingly exposing his sexual partners to the sexually transmitted disease — claiming the legislature didn’t include it in the law because its “Not An Acute, Bacterial Venereal Disease.”

That’s right…R.Kelly is actually trying to get out of several of his charges due to the actual definition of Herpes!

As we reported, federal prosecutors have charged Kelly with exposing two people to the STD back in March of 202. The charges were added to a laundry list of other charges, which included several related to sexual crimes with minors and exploiting underage girls.

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In the new filing, Kelly’s legal team points out that herpes does not fall under the umbrella of STDs including in the law, based on the definition under the New York State Department of Health and the World Health Organization. For the record, gonorrhea and syphilis are on the list. The lawyers continue explaining that Herpes is classified as a virus, not a bacterial venereal disease — which is what the law state — therefore he wants the charges dismissed.

At this point, Kelly is preparing for his criminal trial in Chicago and was recently accused of grooming and molesting a 17-year-old male he met at McDonald’s.

The herpes filing comes after the disgraced singer allegedly is preparing to grill the parents of his alleged victims, claiming they consented to his sexual relationships with their daughters. According to RadarOnline, the government is asking the judge to not all Kelly to talk about certain topics in front of the jury.

Heading To Trial…

R. Kelly Request Herpes-Related Charges Dropped From Criminal Case

Prosecutors are accusing him of running a decades-long enter enterprise of recruiting young women for him to abuse.

“The government expects to present evidence showing that Jane Doe #1 (at approximately 15 years old), Jane Doe #4 (at 16 years old), and Jane Doe #5 (at 17 years old) spent a substantial amount of time with the defendant (despite having not completed high school) and that the defendant may try to deflect the blame for his criminal conduct by offering evidence that the parents of Jane Doe #1, Jane Doe #4 and Jane Doe #5 knew or should have known about their daughters’ sexual relationships with the defendant,” the filing read.

In the filing, the government also wants Kelly prohibited from introducing evidence of “any schemes by the parents of the victims to profit or otherwise extort the defendant on account of the defendant’s relationships with their daughters.”

The situation is now in the hands of a judge who will decide whether or not to drop the Herpes-related charges, and whether or not to allow Kelly to argue using the actions of the alleged victim’s parents.

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