Rachel Maddow Announces Cancer Scare, Latest Updates

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow just gave a concerning update on her health. The anchor went through surgery for cancer. Here’s what’s going on.

‘Absolutely Fine’

Before going any further, Maddow insists that she’s “absolutely fine.” Last week she announced on The Rachel Maddow Show that she’d gotten some moles removed at New York hospital. Her longtime partner discovered a mole and suggested that she get it looked at. “If you have moles like I do, get on a schedule with your doctor,” Maddow pleaded.

Maddow did not say what form of skin cancer’s she’s had removed. She did make a point of saying “even the skin cancers that are the deadliest skin cancers in this country… are way more treatable than they used to be,” provided you catch it early.

She was lucky to get cancer removed as quickly as she did. Maddow said the doctors “got all of it.” She only needed to take a few days off to get it taken care of, and encouraged her viewers to get themselves checked. This is excellent advice and a common one from skin cancer survivors.

Sterling Company

Maddow isn’t the only familiar face who’s dealing with a cancer scare. Over the summer, Hugh Jackman went back under the knife after an “inconclusive” biopsy. The Wolverine star has had Basal Cell Carcinoma for years, so he has to make regular trips to his dermatologist. Like Maddow, he’s encouraged his fans and followers to get themselves tested should anything appear irregular.

Val Kilmer is another star in the midst of recovery. The Kiss Kiss Bang Bang star lost his voice to throat cancer but was able to create an AI with Sonatic to preserve his voice. The voice is uncanny, and it will make it easier for him to communicate. Meanwhile, Shannen Doherty is defying the odds of her stage four cancer and is refusing to quit working.

Terrible Trope

Cancer scares are a common site in trashy tabloids. In 2019, the Globe claimed Camilla Parker Bowles had liver cancer. Apparently, the cancer was exactly what Prince Charles wanted. This sickening story was totally false, for there were no legitimate reports regarding Bowles and liver cancer.

The very same tabloid attacked Bill Clinton’s weight the exact same way. It ran a cover story about his “cancer nightmare” despite the fact that he had not announced anything to anyone. In a really cruel story, Globe reported that Kathy Griffin was in crisis over a legitimate cancer scare. This story was truly the lowest of the low, for she actually did get surgery for cancer. Attacking someone because they’re worried about their health is despicable.


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