Rami Malek’s Unforgettable Experience When He First Met Kate Middleton

Rami Malek is known for playing late singer Freddie Mercury in the 2018 film, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Fans are now excited for his next role as a villain in this year’s “No Time To Die,” opposite Daniel Craig’s James Bond character.

The 40-year-old Oscar winner, Craig, and the whole cast recently attended the movie premiere in London, a star-studded event graced by Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton.

In his recent interview at “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Malek said meeting the royal couple at the premiere was like meeting old friends. He shared about the first time he met them at an awards event in 2019. Malek said:

“I just looked at Princess Kate at one point, and I said, ‘This must be exhausting.’ And she said, ‘Why?’ [I asked,] ‘You just had a baby, right?’ I think she was taken aback.”

On why Malik became concerned about Middleton’s well-being at the time, the Egyptian-American actor explained that the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth in 2018 to her third child, Prince Louis.

He recalled that after he made that comment, Middleton just gave him a look in the most elegant way and asked him how he was instead of responding to his remark.

While his conversation with Middelton appeared funny, Malek is known for portraying roles with dark personalities.

His interaction with Middleton ended up becoming a funny experience to look back on. In addition to asking about Middleton’s wellness, he revealed he offered to babysit her children to give her and Prince William a good day off.

While his conversation with Middelton appeared funny, Malek is known for portraying roles with dark personalities. One of the latest roles he portrayed is Lyutsifer Safin, a villain in “No Time to Die.”

The dashing actor’s character has facial scars, adding color to his frightening role. He said he worked with director Cary Joji Fukunaga in making his character look vengeful and intimidating.

Malek previously impressed fans with his acting when he played disturbed World War II soldier Merriell Shelton in the 2010 HBO mini-series “The Pacific” and as Nate in the drama film “Short Term 12.”

The award-winning actor has truly come a long way in his career, citing his role as Mercury in the acclaimed film “Bohemian Rhapsody” as the one that boosted his confidence in pursuing exciting characters.

He shared that the opportunity to play the iconic singer felt right for him, besides growing up idolizing Queen. The film earned him an Oscar Award for Best Actor in 2019.


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