Rangers v Celtic clash set to be watched by a packed Ibrox in August

August’s Old Firm clash between Rangers and Celtic is set to be played in front of a full capacity at Ibrox after Jason Leitch confirmed grounds will be allowed to return to 100% from August 9.

Rangers welcome their bitter rivals to Ibrox on August 29 as they meet for the first time this season and after almost 18 months of lockouts, things are finally returning to something close to normality.

Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Show, Leitch confirmed that unless there’s a change in the current position, capacities will be restored to normal with Rangers’ first league game after being the trip to Ross County on August 21.

“Yes, they can (return to 100%) on August 10th, but we’ve had to learn that new word, that indicative word, so we have advised that with a fair wind the trajectory we are presently on with vaccinations, remember, we are vaccinating 300,000 people every 10 days so that’s a lot of vaccines and this six week buys us quite a lot of vaccine time,” Leitch said.

“If people come and that’s the important thing people can do then, yes, we hope August 9th and 10th can happen.”

“On August 9th, the level system disappears, unless, for instance, there were particular hotspots or the country didn’t do what we hope it will do. Maybe vaccinations slow down for some reason.

“It’s a little bit indicative, then on August 9th all physical distancing is removed and the limits on event sizes are removed.”

The rangers’ last game at Ibrox with fans present was in the 2019/20 Europa League when Bayer Leverkusen were the visitors.

After missing out on seeing Steven Gerrard’s side in action on their way to the title last season, fans will be desperate to see Rangers in the flesh again.

With 45,000 season tickets sold, Rangers won’t need to worry about any empty seats.

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