Raven Symone Worried Black Community Would Judge Over White Wife

Raven Symone is revealing that she struggled with her decision to commit to her white wife because of fear that the “black community” would be upset with her. Raven married her wife Miranda Maday in a secret ceremony in 2020 but the actress is now sharing that it was not always smiles and happiness. “It was kind of a self-inflicted, old way of thinking that the black community would be mad that I was dating a white person,” shared the now happily married Raven in a joint interview with Maday with Noir Online.

Out With The Old


Raven noted that this kind of thinking was completely detrimental to herself because she cited it as the reason why she broke up with the person she sees as the greatest thing that happened to her. It was a “residual thought process that really wasn’t fact.” Maday chimed in and shared that she had “no idea” that her partner was feeling that way and essentially suffering in silence. Raven added that she allowed her mind to play tricks on her most likely due to her own insecurities with being a woman of color. “I just caught people staring at me all the time. It felt weird but then again, it wasn’t really happening.”

‘I Think I Was Just Carrying Burdens’

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Raven has been acting since she was a child notably appearing in The Cosby Show and moving on to revive her career over at Disney with That’s So Raven, and now the spinoff Raven’s House. However, she has also shared that being a child actor put her in a position that ultimately was uncomfortable for her and left her with trauma. This is where some of these emotions stemmed from claims Raven. “I think I was just carrying burdens that happened in the ’90s and ’80s that weren’t really working for the now.”

‘Cracked The Code’

Maday has been credited with helping Raven to heal and understand that love can be full of flaws. The couple shared that Raven realized that her main problem was communication and understanding that she really is just not any good at it. Thankfully, that didn’t put a wrench in the couple’s life together. “So here I am, married,” says Raven and credited her partner with cracking “the code”. She shared that she no longer worries about what “the black community” has to say about her relationship. “I learned a long time ago not to really read the comments, not to really give in to every single person’s opinion that decides to comment.” But it took the actress a little bit of time to figure that out. “I used to really take the bait in the earlier stages of social media when I was first starting. But in regards to my family and how I choose to move forward with my private life, it’s nobody’s damn business, so I don’t really care about your opinion.”

Having The Last Laugh

The Disney star is seemingly having the last laugh because she is happy and in a healthy relationship, she joked. The couple also talked briefly about having babies, “we do want a family, we are working towards that when we’re not on YouTube and building our brand. It is definitely going to happen. The thing is, were lesbians, we can plan it.” As for now, they are busy being normal people and doing things you may not suspect from someone who just spent an entire interview complaining about being judged. “I be under the comments under a different name judging people’s relationships the same way. People judge.” That’s so Raven.

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