Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Social Distancing From The Housewife And The Hustler

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap:

Viewers saw Erika Jayne in full Exorcist mode on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Whatever flip switches inside her is terrifying. Her outburst toward Garcelle Beauvais was uncalled for. Naturally Garcelle’s going to assume it’s alright to discuss information around Erika’s friends. Most people don’t operate under the assumption people withhold information from those closest to them.

What exactly is going on behind closed doors with Erika? Trying to figure out what’s real and what’s not is becoming more difficult by the week. The more that comes out about Tom Girardi and allegations against him, the more horrifying it becomes. Orphans. Widows. Burn victims. The list grows larger every week. How long are the women going to be able to stand beside her? We know Sutton Stracke is already questioning things. When will she reach a breaking point?

Lisa Rinna Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Erika’s breakdown continues, and it’s still just as uncomfortable to watch. Crystal Kung Minkoff tells Garcelle that she knows she didn’t have an ill intent with Erika. She didn’t hear what she was saying, and it seems like an innocent mistake.

Kyle Richards doesn’t understand the over the top reaction. It’s not odd for Tom to be calling his wife of so many years. What is odd however is Erika’s insane freak out. What is it that she doesn’t want getting out. Let’s talk about the husband!

Garcelle’s pissed at this point and leaves to go back to the hotel. It was never Garcelle’s intention to do this, but Lisa Rinna has her angry. She was never trying to make Erika feel like shit.

Garcelle gets emotional and tries to plead with Erika that she didn’t do this on purpose. Erika doesn’t want Garcelle to leave over this either. She’s not a total idiot.

Kyle wonders what else is going on in Erika’s life to leave her in this state. None of it makes sense. While I’ve been on the fence about what I believe for weeks now, this reaction left me puzzled. It’s all too weird.

Garcelle cannot stop apologizing to Erika, but she doesn’t owe her a damn thing. There was no malicious intent with bringing that up. It probably didn’t need to be repeated, but the reaction was way too much. Sutton picks up on how bizarre the reaction is. She doesn’t think Erika’s being honest, so HERE WE GO. Detective Sutton is coming!

Garcelle Beauvais Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Erika’s leaving the trip early because running away solves everything right? Go figure. Leaving abruptly like that makes her look shady as hell. People would only leave like that if they have something to hide. It’s not adding up.

Lisa asks Garcelle why she felt the need to ask Erika that question in the moment. Well there goes whatever progress they were making toward fixing the friendship. I was NOT Team Denise Richards last season. That’s a known fact. However, Lisa’s being the biggest hypocrite of all time for calling out Garcelle for this. She led the charge grilling Denise in the most uncomfortable of moments last year. Erika doesn’t deserve special treatment.

Dorit Kemsley keeps butting her nose into everything Garcelle’s saying about Erika. She talks way too damn much. She wasn’t even on the hike, so why does she get a voice in this discussion. Stick to your label saturated outfits, and shut your mouth.

Lisa sounds like an ass the more she asks why they keep asking Erika questions. Does she have zero self awareness? Watching the last two seasons and see why Garcelle’s likely disgusted with you right now.

Being messy and stirring the pot is one thing. Being entirely delusional is another. The Fox Force Five is officially starting to grind my gears and get on my fucking nerves. I’m over the cloak of protection they’re placing over Erika. She is no different than Denise or Lisa Vanderpump. She gets the same treatment.

Kathy Hilton Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kathy Hilton being stunned every week about their over the top outfits just to sit at home is EVERYTHING. She’s so delicate and pure. Who knew Kathy was a national treasure that must be protected at all costs?

Garcelle’s bothered Erika got upset, but she knows she did nothing wrong. Lisa once again is sticking her foot in his big lipped mouth, and it’s SO MADDENING. She wants Garcelle to own something in all of this, but Garcelle says absolutely not.

Garcelle wishes she was in the loop with Crystal about not repeating anything. She doesn’t want to hear any more of Lisa’s nonsense. She’s babbling on and on about owning it like a dummy doll on repeat.

Kathy tells a story about Michael Jackson not seeing color which is weird to bring up. I know she doesn’t mean anything by that, but come on Kathy. Please do better.

It’s important to see color and discuss race and understand it. None of the white women at the table have been afraid BECAUSE of their race. That’s fucking PERIOD, and it’s weird that people don’t get it.

Dorit chimes in saying she grew up thinking everyone was equal. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t change experiences Crystal or Garcelle have gone through. They’ve gone through life dealing with people thinking horrible things about them.

Garcelle asks Dorit if only Brown people work in her house. Clearly Dorit was rubbed wrong by this. I think we’re seeing the early stages of whatever feud develops between Dorit & Garcelle. If this is how it’s starting out, I am TEAM GARCELLE ALL DAY. It’s crazy how this episode has totally shifted my perspective of everyone.

Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The next morning, another news story breaks about Erika & Tom. This is NOT good for Erika because the allegations are damning. The group’s reacting to it, and all they’re saying is IT’S BAD. The list of victims is painful to hear allowed. They learn Tom was unable to tell these victims where their money is.

The ladies also learn in this about the alleged $20,000,000 that was funded into Erika’s company. Holy shit. If these allegations turn out to be true, Erika’s in for a world of legal trouble. That bar of soap? You might wanna help your husband.

Sutton read the entire article and brings light to the specific use of the word The Ponzi Scheme. Sutton points out how much trouble Erika could be in because of her company allegedly receiving these funds. The more that comes out, the more it makes you feel almost sick.

The timing of this article coming out could be the reason for Erika’s freak out on Garcelle. It was evident there was so much going on that she wasn’t sharing. A heads up about this article could be a valid explanation for that.

Sutton & Kyle both don’t understand how Erika wouldn’t know where twenty million dollars came from. That’s quite a large sum to not know where your influx of cash is coming from. At the end of the day this is Erika’s company.

Sutton wonders if the group has been duped in some way about the lies. Even Dorit doesn’t know what to believe. It’s like they never knew Erika at all. Regardless of everything, it has to be debilitating for a wild news story to break about you every day. I couldn’t even begin to fathom how that feels.

Dorit Kemsley Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Everyone’s back home, and Sutton’s in full investigator mode. She’s read and reread the article countless times in an effort to uncover the truth. The entire group is in a tailspin over the allegations because it’s getting worse.

Sutton wants to gather the group for a discussion without Erika. This is going to change everything because sides are going to be taken. However, the biggest x factor in all of this will be how Erika reacts when she learns about this.

The ladies are shocked after Erika releases screenshots of Tom and his alleged mistress. Once again this is making everyone question what’s real or fake with her. There’s so much she’s kept a secret from everyone in her life.

Sutton left the trip thinking something was not right with Erika. She feels like Erika’s feeding the group stories that don’t add up. She has questions that she needs answers to.

Sutton doesn’t know how much she wants to be around Erika during this time. On one hand that sucks because that’s a shitty thing to do as a friend. However on the other hand, do you really want to associate with that negativity? This is only going to get worse because so much more is going to come out.


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