Real Housewives Star Erika Jayne Drops Fight To Get Money From NFL

Erika Jayne is having one hell of a year. And there is no end in sight. Ever since her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, started going down for his alleged crimes against his clients, Erika is going down with him. Not by choice. And no, I’m not talking about the fact that she had to downsize to a multi-million dollar bungalow. What hasn’t helped matters are the  stories she’s telling week after week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

It’s honestly hard to keep up with but let’s try. First, Erika didn’t know about any money issues and got divorced because Tom was mean. Then there was something about his cheating. Also, dementia after a car crash where she may or may not have found him unconscious at the bottom of a hill. But let’s not forget that she had a whole house with this man that she didn’t even know the address to and Kyle Richards had to look up for her. Lots of drama, even for Miss Puss Patter herself. Honestly, it’s hard to keep everything straight. And if we believe Erika, she has been living through one hell of a Lifetime movie.

So Erika has been fighting tooth and nail to make sure that she doesn’t go down with the sinking ship. She’s accused of hiding assets and being uncooperative. She possibly received jewelry from Tom’s law firm. She is trying to the attorney investigating her off her back. She’s even been accused of not wearing waterproof mascara when she cries so she looks more sympathetic. So Erika is up a creek without a paddle and is grasping at whatever she can.

Another thing she is desperately grabbing at is finding cash. Erika was looking to recover settlement money from Tom’s over 100 NFL concussion cases. Now according to Radar Online, she can kiss that strategy goodbye. Erika has officially dropped her petition to get that settlement money. She informed the court that she is withdrawing her objection to Tom’s claim to the lawsuit, which is currently being transferred to another attorney.

Erika had recently objected to Tom’s bankruptcy trustee transferring the case over. The cases in question were brought by over 100 former NFL players who had concussions from playing the sport. Erika believed the money from the cases could be used to pay back Tom’s creditors. And the clients he owes settlement money to. Erika’s lawyers believed the NFL settlement money could equal around $20 million. Obviously, Erika would want to maximize any outstanding money owed to Tom so she could eventually take a cut home after his alleged victims are paid.

But the trustee wasn’t having it and said the cases weren’t even worth $20 million. He also noted that Tom wasn’t in the position to represent these clients due to his health issues. Therefore, he has to turn over the cases, and the money they would bring in. Once the trustee met with Erika and showed her the documents, she told the court she was dropping her objection and letting the cases go.

The trustee is continuing to sue Erika for $25 million that Tom transferred to her business but she has yet to respond to that filing.


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