Real-Life Squid Game Competition To Be Held In Abu Dhabi

Fans of Netflix’s Squid Game will now have the chance to participate in a real-life competition that mimics the hit South Korean show. There’s a couple of conditions, of course, one is that you won’t die for losing in any of the rounds like in the show and another is that you’ll need to live in the United Arab Emirates. Oh and there’s one more condition that might turn a lot of people off — the grand prize is not $38 million like in the show.

As Insider reports, the contest is being put on by the Korean Cultural Center in UAE and will pit two teams of 15 participants against each other in a series of reenactments of games from the show. It will be held in two sessions on October 12th at the center’s Abu Dhabi office. Check out the cheeky promotional video for the contest below:

For those unfamiliar, the fictional Squid Game TV show is a wildly popular survival drama that sees financially destitute people get recruited by a shadowy organization for a macabre competition. The person who stands victorious out of the 456 participants is promised a life-changing sum of $38 million, while those who lose at a series of children’s games also lose their lives.

Unlike the TV show, however, the prize for the upcoming contest will only be a customized green tracksuit. Granted, that sounds pretty awesome in and of itself but pales in comparison to winning millions. Also, only four out of the six games seen in the Netflix series will be played during the event, including Red Light Green Light, Dalgona Candy, Marbles, and Ddakji (paper flipping).

You catch all nine episodes of Squid Game on Netflix now.


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