Reddit stunned by diner’s sad-looking smashed avocado on toast – which cost £8.50

A Reddit user has left the internet stunned after posting an image of a rather sad-looking smashed avocado on toast that they paid £8.50 for in central London.

The picture of the disappointing meal was posted on Reddit’s r/CasualUK group, where the user r/alexterm posted it with the caption: “I paid £8.50 for ‘smashed avocado on toast’ in central London.”

Other users were quick to criticise the meal, agreeing that the price was astronomical for what the customer actually received.

In the picture, one single piece of toast – which looks unbuttered – appears to have been cut diagonally in half, with one slice looking slightly more burned than the other.

Mashed avocado covers the bread, but some has fallen off the sides and there seems to be no herbs, garnish or added ingredients to justify the price tag. The original poster did not specify where the item was bought.

One person commented: “Can’t complain with the description, nor really the actual product – but just wow £8,50 for that packet of planet destroying pap is unjustified to the extreme.”

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Another said: “Legit thought this was chip shop mushy peas on toast and now I’m getting all sorts of meal ideas.”

Someone else posed a question to the original poster, asking: “Can I ask why you paid £8.50 for avocado on toast, please.”

Others questioned the way the meal was assembled. One person wrote: “Did someone jump on it as well.”

However, others blamed the person who ordered it, questioning what they thought they were going to receive when they bought avocado on toast.

Someone said: “I mean I’m not sure what you expected.”

Another joked: “Avocado? For £8.50? Avocadon’t in future.”


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