Reddit users in stitches as NHS offers patients ‘w**k-in clinic’ in bizarre text

Reddit users have been left laughing uncontrollably after a text emerged from the NHS offering a ‘w**k in clinic’.

The screenshot of the text was uploaded with by the amused user DaveBrubeckQuartet sporting the caption: “Erm, I think I’ll give this one a miss, thanks doc.”

In the hilarious screenshot, the NHS text that was meant to be advertising a walk in clinic for flu injections, reads: “We are doing w**k in clinic on 22/09 between 3-6pm.

“If you want to have your flu injection done please walk in between 3-6pm to have it done at your surgery.”

Hundreds of Reddit users have reacted to the awful typo – and the jokes have been flying in.

The screenshot of the text was uploaded with by the amused user DaveBrubeckQuartet

One funny user replied: “Bless the NHS. Free w**k clinic AND a flu jab. Going above and beyond as always.”

Another user joked: “Some people pay good money for that kind of service.”

A third user stated: “Happy ending vaccinations might just be what’s needed to finish off protecting the more vaccine hesitant portion of society.”

A Google Maps user reckons they have found “gold” on the popular site.

The internet browser uploaded the picture to Reddit, which shows a tree-filled area with a mass of gold in the middle.

The image, which is taken from somewhere in South America, received a string of comments on the site, some more serious than others.

One user joked that the original poster had discovered El Dorado. That refers to the legendary story in which precious stones were found in abundance along with gold coins.

Another suggested that it was simply a “yellow tree”, while another said: “Sun gleaming in from a break in the clouds?”

One more wrote: “It’s definitely not gold, dude. It’s light. But I don’t know more than that.

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“It could just be the sun shining on that place only. It looks a lot like that. But there could also just be lights there. Maybe someone is camping there.”

“They’re all over the forest, it’s the type of tree and light reflection it gives,” a fourth thinks. “Find a shaded area and you’ll see a duller version sooner or later.”


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