References to the Original Film, Details You Missed

Anthony McCoy is revealed to be the baby from the first movie.

Anthony (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) the baby from the original “Candyman.”

Universal Pictures; TriStar Pictures

In the 1992 version, Candyman (Tony Todd) hypnotizes Helen, causing her to break into the apartment of Cabrini-Green resident Anne-Marie McCoy (Vanessa Williams) and decapitate Anne-Marie’s pet Rottweiler.

Candyman then steals her baby, Anthony, taking him to his lair, where he plans to kill the baby unless Helen gives herself over to him. 

Eventually, Helen corners Candyman in a giant wood pile for the complex’s annual bonfire, and steals Anthony back. She crawls from the flames severely burned, but is able to return Anthony to his mother, Anne-Marie. 

Towards the latter half of the new “Candyman,” it’s revealed that protagonist Anthony is actually the grown-up baby from the first movie. His mother (still played by Vanessa Williams) moved him out of Cabrini-Green shortly after the events of the first movie, and kept his ties to  Candyman secret out of fear. 

Unfortunately for Anthony, he finds himself drawn to the legend, and returns to Cabrini-Green with disastrous results. 

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