Release Date, Cast And Nilsa’s Pregnancy Explained

At this point, no plans for a fifth season of “Floribama Shore” have been announced. Given the current circumstances of several cast members involved in the show, a fifth season might be difficult to pin down. It’s likely that many of the cast members are getting ready to move on from the show, as Nilsa Prowant has a newborn baby and impending marriage, Candace Rice has been asked to co-star in a film, and Gus Smyrnios has spoken about his reluctance to come back to the show for another season in the past, according to Screen Rant.

Back in April, Smyrnios, who struggled through various conflicts in the show, promoted the fourth season of “Floribama Shore,” though he made it pretty clear that he was not keen on appearing in future seasons of the show. “New episode tonight but I’m done posting about and acknowledging the show,” Smynrios captioned a photo of himself giving the middle finger on Instagram, according to CheatSheet. “They can f*** with someone else for a change and exploit someone else’s mental s*** while purposely trying to p*** them off for entertainment.”

Given the tenuous nature of the show’s cast members, it’s unclear if MTV will pick “Floribama Shore” up for another season.

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