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Detainee 001 is set to join the ranks of other Showtime documentaries. The documentary is about John Walker Lindh, or “The American Taliban.” Keep reading to find out the release date, spoilers, trailer, and more.

Detainee 001 release date

As we near the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Showtime is preparing to release Detainee 001. Those interested in seeing the documentary can expect to do so on September 10 at 9 PM ET/PT. Notably, the documentary is directed by Greg Barker. Barker is an Emmy-winning director that “harrowingly explores how America grapples with justice in the fog of war and how narratives are built and destroyed in the aftermath of battle.”

Other well-known documentaries by Barker are Manhunt: The Search for Bin Laden and The Final Year. His more recent works are Legion of Brothers (2017) and The Longest War (2020).

The documentaries trailer and more

People that watch Detainee 001 can expect to see never-before-seen footage of the capture of John Walker Lindh, according to Meaww. For those that may not remember, Lindh is a radical mujahideen fighter. Consequently, the radical became known as “the American Taliban.” This is because Lindh is an American from California that went to Afghanistan after watching Malcolm X.

While the director, Barker doesn’t directly interact with Lindh, over the four years that it takes to make this documentary, he does talk to Lindh’s family. Eerily, Deadline reports that Lindh’s current whereabouts are unknown. In a statement, Barker has this to say about Detainee 001. “I’ve made a lot of films about our post-9/11 era, but for me, the surreal story of John Walker Lindh remains the most haunting and mysterious.”

As Deadline reports, “Lindh pleaded guilty in 2002 for aiding the Taliban.” Not only that, but the media alleges that he had a role in the first American casualty of the war in Afghanistan- CIA Officer Johnny Michael Spann. Lindh was sentenced to 20 years, however, he was released on probation in 2019 after serving 17 years.

Other similar documentaries

Also, this isn’t the first time that Lindh is made to be an American pop culture topic. Previously, Damien Degueldre’s documentary Good Morning, Afghanistan features the Battle of Masar-el Sharif. During this documentary, viewers see Lindh “behind held and later transferred by the Northern Alliance to US Special Forces Operatives,” reports Meaww. Additionally, Lindh is the topic of the book American Taliban  by Pearl Abraham

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