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It has been a while, but at last, Season 7 of I Am Jazz is set to debut on TLC. The show continues following the life of Jazz Jennings after her groundbreaking affirmation surgery. Meanwhile, I Am Jazz reveals the support the transgender young woman receives from her closest family. Read on to find out when Season 7 will premiere and what you can expect.

Jazz Jennings in I Am Jazz on TLC

It was when Jazz Jennings was two years of age that she asked her mother when a fairy was going to change her from a boy into a girl. The TLC reality show I Am Jazz revealed the reality star at the age of 14, where she is a transgender young woman with a unique perspective.

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The previous six seasons have shared her unexpected daily experiences as she prepared to enter high school. Meanwhile, the reality TV show also revealed decisions regarding Jazz’s health. It further covered Jennings having to choose between her passion for soccer and spending more time with friends with entering the dating world. All along, Jazz’s parents, Greg and Jeanette have always supported her, as have her sister Ari and twin brothers, Griffen and Sander.

Jazz’s life continues

As per the official synopsis for the show, Jennings underwent groundbreaking affirmation surgery in 2018 to “align her body with her mind.” While Jazz did experience complications, she has emerged stronger and happier than ever. After the TLC star graduated as Valedictorian of her high school, Jazz was accepted to Harvard University.

However, prior to her first semester, Jennings experienced a mental health condition. This led to her taking a gap year to focus and get back on track.

In June 2021, Jazz featured on the cover of Variety’s Power of Pride issue and opened up about why she needed a break from the reality series. Moreover, Jennings spoke about her journey of being transgender and how her impact has surprised her.

What to expect from Season 7

While Jazz is excited to go to Harvard, she is still concerned that she will be taking on so much. This is in addition to suffering a significant weight gain during the coronavirus pandemic. As outlined by the Futon Critic, she embarks on a weight loss program and enters into an internship with a plastic surgeon.

Season 7 will further highlight the strength of the Jennings family and bond. It will reveal that Jazz’s older brother, Sander, has found his passion by becoming a vocal ally for the LGBTQ+ community. So much so, that he considers dating a beautiful transgender woman.

Jazz Jennings returns for Season 7 of I Am Jazz on TLC
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As for Griffen, he is entering his second year of Law School, while Ari heads to Arkansas for her PhD. All this excitement leads to Jeanette and Greg finding themselves as empty nesters back home.

Fans don’t have too long to wait, as Season 7 of I Am Jazz will premiere on Tuesday, November 30 at 10 pm ET/PT on TLC.

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