Release Date, What We Know So Far
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Release Date, What We Know So Far

Back in May 2021, Netflix confirmed that Firefly Lane was renewed for Season 2. Fast-forward to now and the new season is heading for pre-production, with filming starting at the end of August. Read on to find out everything we know about the second season of Firefly Lane, coming in 2022.

Firefly Lane on Netflix

The series Firefly Lane is based on the popular novel of the same name by US author, Kristin Hannah. The series tells the moving story of two best friends and the obstacles they face both in their lives and their friendship.

Netflix has adapted the Kristin Hannah novel Firefly Lane [Image @jw_bookshelf/Instagram]

Season 1 started streaming on Netflix on February 3 to mixed reviews. However, since then viewers have taken a liking to the series, which ranked 7.5/10 on July 1, 2021. In fact, Firefly Lane did well in the Netflix top 10s. It was in the US top 10 for 36 days and was also popular in the UK and Europe.

While Netflix said in May that the series was to be renewed, it has finally made the official announcement that Season 2 is on the way. The series’ leads, Katherine Heigel and Sarah Chalke also took to social media to share the good news.

What can we expect from Season 2?

Season 1 of Firefly Lane didn’t cover all the material from the original book, so there is plenty of Tully and Kate’s story left to tell. Fans should bear in mind that the novel has a sequel, Fly Away, which takes their story even further. If you haven’t seen Season 1, beware, as there are spoilers ahead!

Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke in Firefly Lane on Netflix
Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke in Firefly Lane on Netflix [Image Netflix/YouTube]

Season 1 ended with two contrasting views of Tully and Kate’s relationship. Tully quits her show, after which the friends enjoy a relaxing catch-up by the fire. Moreover, Tully promises Kate that she will help her get another job when she is hired again. This is followed by a flash-forward scene, where Tully and Kate have an emotional confrontation at a funeral. Meanwhile, Kate tells Tully she never wants to see her again. What happened to bring the friends to this point?

There is no doubt that Season 2 will explain what happened to the good friends’ relationship. Hopefully, the pair will make up in the coming season. As for the funeral, it is not clear who has passed away. As Tully is there to pay her respects, it seems to be a funeral for someone close to Kate. There are two likely candidates. One is Kate’s ex-husband, Johnny, who had left for Iraq. The second is her elderly father. Whoever it is, Season 2 is sure to cover the impact this has on Kate and her teenage daughter, Marah.

Of course, with the series based on a popular novel, it wouldn’t be hard to do a little investigation to find out what happened to the friends. However, why not wait for Season 2 to get the story?

Where will Season 2 of Firefly Lane be filmed?

As with the first season, Season 2 of Firefly Lane will be filmed in Vancouver, Canada. According to Production Weekly, filming will start on August 30 and will run through next year.

Katherine Heigl sent a tweet on August 24 to confirm she was back in Vancouver for the filming of Season 2.

When will the Netflix series release?

It is likely that Season 2 of Firefly Lane will drop on Netflix during mid-to-late 2022.

Readers, are you excited about the upcoming second season of Firefly Lane? Let us know by dropping a comment below!

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