Reminder: Please Don’t Do Barefoot Anything on a Packed Plane (Including Yoga)

Publicly shaming weird and obnoxious fellow plane passengers on social media is a civic duty in these chaotic times. On top of the recent volatile flight delays, mask-related incidents on planes are on the rise, causing even more frustrating delays and even physical altercations. That’s why it’s imperative that we put these fools on blast.

Which is exactly what TikTok user Justin Chanthalangsy did on a recent flight when a nearby barefoot passenger started doing yoga poses in their seat.

In the now-viral TikTok video, which has amassed 4.7 million views and nearly a million likes, a woman on Chanthalangsy’s JetBlue flight can be seen upside down in various yoga poses, one with her bare feet pushed up against the back of the seat and another with her legs straight up in the air. And as you can see in the video below, every seat surrounding our in-flight yogi is filled.

“I can’t make this up yall,” said Chanthalangsy, clearly baffled in the video. “Ma’am getcho musty toes outta here,” he added with a close-up shot of the perpetrator’s naked feet. It seems Chanthalangsy hit a breaking point once the woman started striking poses. “Oh no, baby what is you doing? Get me off this flight,” he said (while still applauding her form, which is admittedly impressive).

Now, this isn’t as bad as that one passenger who knocked out a flight attendant’s teeth, but I still consider exposing your feet on a plane an act of violence. And if those feet are level with my face, we will be fighting.

I’m going to assume, though, this unidentified woman isn’t purposefully trying to be a nuisance, but rather is just A) attempting to relieve some flying jitters with a couple of calming yoga positions and B) a reprehensibly oblivious person. Next time just take a Xanax like the rest of us.


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