Reminiscence Arc is Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Season 3 [Trailer]

The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 anime will actually go back in time in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel series. Pic credit: Kana Ishida

The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 release date is confirmed for Winter 2022.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Season 3 will actually be a flashback that’s based on Volume 8. Thus, the official title for the third season is The Irregular at Magic High School: Reminiscence Arc.

On February 28, 2021, The Irregular at Magic High School: Reminiscence Arc anime was announced with a new trailer. The format of the new project was not initially specified. While it seemed like it would be a new Mahouka movie it turned out to be a TV series.

The Japanese voice cast includes Yuichi Nakamura playing Tatsuya Shiba, Saori Hayami as Miyuki Shiba, Kikuko Inoue as Miya Shiba, and Aya Endo as Honami Sakurai.

The announcement was made by a Mahouka Season 3 trailer that was released on September 25, 2021.

The first season came out in April 2014, while the movie The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Calls the Stars released in 2017. The 26-episode first season was produced by animation studio Madhouse and directed by Manabu Ono.

For those who may have missed it, a new Mahouka 2021 TV anime was already released. But it wasn’t Mahouka Season 3. Instead, the most recent anime season adapted a manga spin-off called The Honor Student at Magic High School, which is essentially a retelling of the main anime’s story from a different perspective (see the details below).

Studio 8bit is producing Mahouka Season 3 after the success of both the first Mahouka movie and the 2020 second season. Studio 8bit the That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 2 anime and the Slime Diaries anime in 2021. They’re also working on another Encouragement of Climb anime project and the That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime movie release date is confirmed for 2022 .

The Mahouka Season 3 staff was confirmed on September 25, 2021. For the third season, movie director Risako Yoshida returned to helm the project alongside assistant director Jimmy Stone. Writer Munemasa Nakamoto is returning for writing the scripts. Returning character designer Kana Ishida is also the chief animation director. Music composer Taku Iwasaki also returned.

The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 opening (OP) and ending (ED) theme song music have yet been announced.

The number of episodes for the Mahouka Season 3 anime has not yet been announced. However, based on the light novel series (see the anime/book comparison section below for more details), it’s likely that the third season will be a single cour.

A “cour” is a three-month TV broadcasting block based on the physical seasons, usually composed of 10 to 13 episodes. But this season could be shorter than usual.

FUNimation was exclusively streaming the single-cour second season during the fall 2020 anime season (it was originally scheduled for summer 2020 but was delayed by the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus pandemic).

The finale, Mahouka Season 2 Episode 13, was streaming on December 26, 2020.

  • Updated September 25, 2021: Mahouka Season 3 release date confirmed for Winter 2022. Added Studio 8bit staff, key visual, and trailer.
  • Updated March 28, 2021: The Honor Student at Magic High School release date in July 2021. Added trailer.
  • Updated February 28, 2021:
    The Irregular at Magic High School: Reminiscence Arc anime announced!
  • Updated December 27, 2020: The Honor Student at Magic High School anime announced! Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei “Season 2” confirmed! Southern Sea Riot Arc manga release date confirmed!
  • Updated November 17, 2020: Added Mahouka English dub info.
  • Updated November 9, 2020: Added The Irregular at Magic High School: Maidens of Cygnus release date.

This article provides everything that is known about The Irregular At Magic High School Season 3 (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Season 3/The Irregular at Magic High School: Reminiscence Arc) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

The Honor Student at Magic High School “Season 2” manga and Mahouka 2021 anime announced

On December 26, 2020, The Honor Student at Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei) anime TV series was announced with a brief trailer. It will be based on the spin-off manga series by artist Mori Yuu.

The story starts from the beginning, but this time the events are seen through the eyes of Shiba Miyuki, Tatsuya’s sister. The anime focused on her life as an honor student and dive down into how she started to develop… certain unexpected feelings.

The Honor Student at Magic High School Anime
The original manga artist created artwork for The Honor Student at Magic High School anime. Pic credit: Mori Yuu

What’s more, monthly manga magazine Dengeki Daioh will start The Honor Student at Magic High School “Season 2” by manga artist Masaru Oda, which is essentially a retelling of the Visitor Arc from a different perspective.

The manga sequel’s release date is scheduled for February 26, 2021 (the April 2021 issue).

The Honor Student at Magic High School anime release date was in July 2021. The finale released on September 25, 2021. See our The Honor Student at Magic High School Season 2 article for more details.

Mahouka Season 3 release date in 2022

As of the last update, Studio 8bit, FUNimation, or any company related to the anime production has not officially confirmed the exact Mahouka Season 3 release date. However, the production of a Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Season 3 sequel was announced.

Once the news is officially confirmed, this article will be updated with the relevant information.

In the meantime, it’s possible to speculate about when The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 premiere date will occur in the future.

Anime projects are scheduled years in advance. Now that the light novel series is finished (see below for more details), the anime production committee can plan out the anime series’ production scheduled over the long term.

Assuming that a studio change doesn’t happen, Studio 8bit typically only releases two to three anime per year. 8bit’s schedule for the first half of 2021 is packed with the Slime isekai series (keep in mind the two anime are being produced by two different teams).

The Encouragement of Climb Season 4 release date is in 2022 since that project was announced way back in September 2020. It’s also likely the studio will be focusing on That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 3 and Slime Diaries Season 2 after the Slime movie is released in 2022.

The focus for Mahouka’s 2021 lineup was on The Honor Student at Magic High School anime. Thus, the Mahouka: Recollection Arc anime project was timed for Winter 2022.

The only question is the number of episodes for Mahouka Season 3. It’s possible that The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 could be shorter than usual considering it’s only a single book, but if it’s a full-length season it could also follow the source material more closely.

The cover art for The Irregular at Magic High School Magian Company Volume 1 harkens back to the original Volume 1 cover. Pic credit: Kana Ishida

FUNimation Mahouka English dub announced

Despite being a FUNimation exclusive, a Mahouka Season 2 English dub was not initially released as a SimulDub. The first season was never English dubbed.

In mid-November 2020, FUNimation announced their plans for a Mahouka Season 2 English dub. The second season will be dubbed by Aniplex of America and Bang Zoom! Entertainment.

  • Alejandro Saab as Tatsuya Shiba
  • Anairis Quinones as Miyuki Shiba
  • Suzie Yeung as Angelina Kudou Shields
  • Erica Mendez as Erika Chiba
  • Mick Lauer as Leonhard Saijo
  • Xanthe Huynh as Mizuki Shibata
  • Landon McDonald as Mikihiko Yoshida
  • Kimberly Woods as Honoka Mitsui
  • Ryan Bartley as Shizuku Kitayama
  • Maureen Price as Mayumi Saegusa
  • Amber Lee Connors as Mari Watanabe
  • Kaiji Tang as Katsuto Jumonji

FUNimation Now will release The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2 English dub on their streaming platform.

Therefore, The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3 English dub seems possible. Hopefully, the success of the anime series will cause FUNimation to provide dubs in the future for both the first and third seasons.

Sequel – The Irregular At Magic High School Magian Company continues the light novel series

The anime series’s story is based on the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei light novel series by author Tsutomu Sato and illustrator Kana Ishida. But the story actually began as a free web novel that was self-published from 2008 through 2011.

First published as a light novel in 2011, the first book series ended with Volume 32: Sacrifice/Graduation Arc on September 10, 2020.

The direct Mahouka sequel began releasing on October 10, 2020. Called Sequel – The Irregular at Magic High School Magian Company (Zoku Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Magian Company) focuses on the protagonist Tatsuya Shiba and the others after they graduate from First High magic high school.

Additionally, a Mahouka spinoff series was announced called New – The Irregular at Magic High School Maidens of Cygnus (Shin – Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Cygnus no Otome-tachi).

Releasing on January 10, 2021 (there is also a free prequel online), the Maidens of Cygnus relates the adventures of a new class and focuses on two girls named Arisa and Matsurika and their connection to the Jumonji family.

North American Publisher Yen Press is handling the official English translation for the original Mahouka light novel series, which will be up to Volume 16 as of March 23, 2021 (the book was delayed from October 20, 2020).

The Mahouka manga adaptation is unique in that a different manga artist adapts each story arc and is released separately. Oftentimes, manga story arcs are being released at the same time frames.

Worse, the story arcs being adapted are completely out of order compared to the main timeline, which is a bit confusing since you can’t read them in consecutive order based on the publishing date.

Concerning the Mahouka Season 3 anime, the Double Seven Arc by illustrator Tsuna Kiaumi was released in three volumes from 2017 through 2019.

A manga adaptation of the Steeplechase Arc by Aonagi Nobu began in March 2019 and finished on November 27, 2020. Similarly, the Ancient City Insurrection Arc manga by Yuzuki N began in March 2019, and the Yotsuba Succession Arc manga by Kitaumi Tsuna began in December 2019.

Nobu will begin releasing the Southern Sea Riot Arc (Nankai Soujou-hen) on February 26, 2021.

Unfortunately, none of the Mahouka manga story arcs have received an official English translation.

Mahouka light novels compared to the anime

The timeline of the first book series’s overall story is divided into 22 story arcs that are clearly marked by the titles of the books. It’s easy to figure out how the anime adapted the books since each episode’s title is named after an arc.

The anime’s first season adapted the six volumes of the Enrollment, Nine School Competition, and Yokohama Disturbance arcs with 26 episodes. Notably, the first season skipped Volume 5: Summer Vacation Arc.

As might be surmised by the title alone, Volume 5 was focused on the summer vacation between school semesters.

The book showed how the new Student Council formed in preparation for the new year. It also introduced various characters and their magic before they showed up in the Yokohama Disturbance Arc.

The book also covered how a certain character learned one of Tatsuya’s secrets.

Like all anime based on light novels, the script heavily condensed the books by removing scenes, dialogue, and foreshadowing. The focus was put on Tatsuya, whereas the books developed side characters further.

The one major change that was upsetting to light novel readers was how the technical magic systems were simplified.

Rather than being focused on the engineering and physics of magic, the anime’s depiction was flashy and introduced acrobatics, which was technically unnecessary based on how magic worked in this fictional world.

On the positive side, the simplified magic system in the anime made for more interesting animations. Dumping the heavy exposition required for describing magic physics also allowed the plot to be faster-paced.

The Irregular at Magic High School Anime Season 2 Anime Key Visual Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Season 2
The key visual for the Mahouka Season 2 anime. Pic credit: Studio 8bit

The anime’s second season adapted the Visitor arc books, which is light novel Volumes 9 through 11.

That means the anime initially skipped Volume 8: Recollection Arc completely. (As previously noted, it’s probably being adapted by the The Irregular at Magic High School: Reminiscence Arc movie.)

The majority of events take place three years in the past. The story tells how the characters came to be where they are now and explain why the United States Of North America (USNA) is currently interested in Tatsuya’s matter detonation magic.

To a certain extent, both Volume 5 and 8 were skippable since they are focused on characterization rather than integral plot points, but the omission still left light novel fans feeling salty.

The childhood story shows the early development of Miyuki and Tatsuya’s relationship and why they behave as they do. The war story also explained why the Yotsuba is called untouchable and developed the world’s lore further.

Otherwise, the second season followed the Visitor Arc’s major plot beats fairly closely, but due to episodic time constraints, many details were omitted.

Chronologically, the 2017 Mahouka movie actually takes place after the second season in a summertime story gap between light novel volumes 11 and 12.

The movie was an original story that introduced Angelina Kudou Shields as part of the conflict between the USNA and Japan.

Fans who want to read ahead of the anime can jump straight to Mahouka Volume 8. (Or Mahouka Volume 12 if you don’t care about the flashback story).

The Irregular at Magic High School Double Seven Arc
The Irregular at Magic High School Season 4 anime will likely pick up the story again with Volume 12: Double Seven Arc. Pic credit: Kana Ishida

To put the book series’s length into perspective, it would probably take about eight anime seasons to finish adapting the story. The pacing of the overall book series would allow many of the anime seasons to be single cours.

The real question is how the anime will adapt the next story arcs. We now know the third season will adapt Volume 8.

Arguably, Volume 12: Double Seven Arc and Volume 13: Steeplechase Arc are not skippable books since the story events culminate in the two-volume Ancient City Insurrection Arc, so they’ll be the focus of The Irregular at Magic High School Season 4.

But four books is too much content for a single cour and not enough for a double-cour anime season.

Volume  16: Yotsuba Succession Arc would be a great stopping point for the fourth season since it contains a major revelation about Tatsuya and Miyuki’s origins. The book also moves forward the relationship between the brother and sister that anime fans have either been dreading or shipping.

Therefore, The Irregular At Magic High School Season 4 will adapt Volume 12 through 16. Since the amount of content being adapted is slightly shorter than the first season, it’d make sense to have two cours with 24 episodes rather than 26 episodes.

That’d mean The Irregular At Magic High School Season 5 will likely adapt just the Master Clan Conference Arc (Volumes 17 through 19) with a single cour since it’s three books.

But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. I’m sure fans are happy that The Irregular At Magic High School Season 3 is going back to adapt a skipped book.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Season 3 anime spoilers (plot summary/synopsis)

Looking at Miyuki and Tatsuya now, it might be hard to imagine them as anything other than loving siblings. But it wasn’t always this way…

Three years ago, Miyuki was always uncomfortable around her older brother. The rest of their family treated him no better than a lowly servant, even though he was the perfect Guardian, watching over Miyuki while she lived a normal middle school life. But what really bothered her was that he never showed any emotions or thoughts of his own.

However, when danger comes calling during a fateful trip to Okinawa, their relationship as brother and sister will change forever…

Unfortunately, anime fans will have to wait until The Irregular At Magic High School Season 3 release date to watch what happens next. Stay tuned!


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