Renée Zellweger Moving In With Boyfriend Ant Anstead After Listing Her $6 Million Home?

Are Renée Zellweger and Ant Anstead moving their relationship along rather quickly? According to one tabloid, Zellweger is moving in with Anstead despite the extremely short time they’ve been together. Gossip Cop has all the details to uncover what’s really going on with the actress. 

When You Know, You Know 

According to In Touch, Renée Zellweger and her boyfriend, Ant Anstead, are taking the next step in their relationship and moving in together. Despite only dating for three months, Zellweger listed her $6 million home in Topanga, California, for sale. Insiders close to the actress say that it’s proof that she and Anstead are planning on living together. “She was spending most of her free time at his Laguna Beach place anyway, so he took the next step by asking her to live with him,” a source reveals. 

The source explains that Zellweger and Anstead think that their “relationship feels right.” The unnamed insider continues, “They can see themselves going the distance, so he asked her to live with him, and she said yes.” However, down the road, the couple will probably buy a bigger, more extravagant home. “It’ll likely be in the same area they’re in now,” the snitch says, as Anstead wants to be close to his 2-year-old son.

When’s Renée Zellweger Moving In?

After only a few months of dating, it seems like a pretty rash decision to want to live together. Despite its name, In Touch is anything but with this narrative about Zellweger and Anstead. It’s true that Zellweger listed her Los Angeles home for $6 million. However, in no way is that proof she and Anstead are moving in together. 

Also, a report from TMZ, a more reliable source for celebrity news, reported that despite how the recent events look, Zellweger isn’t moving in with Anstead at this time. The couple is still reportedly doing better than ever, as Anstead just visited Zellweger in New Orleans while she filmed a new movie. So while Zellweger and Anstead aren’t living together, the lovebirds’ relationship is moving along smoothly. 

The Tabloid On Celebrity Romance

Another reason it’s tough to trust this report from In Touch is the outlet’s history of incorrect stories. For example, a couple of years ago, the magazine claimed Tim McGraw left his wife, Faith Hill, over career disputes based solely on the fact McGraw swapped record labels. However, the truth was McGraw never walked out on Hill, and his decision to leave his previous label didn’t even affect his spouse, much like how Zellweger selling her home means nothing about her relationship.


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