Renter gets revenge after dealing with letting agent’s ‘out dated’ demands

Filling out paperwork can seem like a very tiresome task for many.

However, being able to send the documents by email offers some relief due to the ease of only having to click a button.

Not for one Reddit user though whose letting agent demanded that they send printed documents by post.

Rattled by the inconvenience of having to take a trip to the post office, the wannabe renter took a creative route in order to get back at the agent.

They titled the post: “Dear letting agent: If you’re going to insist that I send printed documents by post that I could email you instead, I am going to take the complete and utter total p*** with the envelope.”

Hilariously, attached to the post was a picture of an envelope that had been sealed with wax which directly mocked the letting agents “out-dated” demands.

The original poster added: “And yes, I did buy the stamp, wax, and very old seal ring specifically for the purpose.”

People quickly took to the comments to offer their thoughts on the gaffe.

The renter came up with a creative way to get back at the letting agent

One person commented: “If you’re in Kent I’d happily deliver it by hand and loudly announce to passers by what I was doing. You know, the whole ‘Hear ye, hear ye’ bit.”

Another person joked: “Send it by carrier pigeon,”

Whilst a third person added: “Excellent execution but if I received this at work it would make my day. Fill it with glitter if you really want to take the p***.”

The original poster provided an update to their practical joke: “Having heard from a few people that wax seals can a**e up the Royal Mail’s sorting machines.”

letting signs
A renter has shared their creative way they got back at a letting agent

“I’ve now removed the label from the front of this envelope and will put the whole thing inside another envelope.”

“Now it’s also a Russian doll system. Don’t want to hassle the Royal Mail, after all.”

We feel sorry for whoever has to open that letter!

What do you think of their revenge? Tell us in the comments section…

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