Renters leave home in grim condition with poo smeared on walls and a ‘cloud of flies’

Nightmare tenants left a house in Staffordshire in a shockingly vile state after they moved out.

They appeared to have used one bedroom exclusively as a bin and smeared human poo and urine over the walls and floors.

Landlord Ian Twigg said he spent hours mopping them while the room alone took 60 bin bags to empty.

He said: “It made me feel sick; physically sick. There’s no structural damage but it’s had to be completely cleared out.

“The carpets are gone – it’s hard to describe how bad it was. We were using mops on the walls to get the poo off.

One of the bedrooms had been used as a bin

“We’re going to have to redecorate. It’s so unjust as we’ve been very good landlords.

“When we first got in our first thought was there was something dead in there as we were hit with a cloud of flies, so we were looking for a dead pet.”

Ian bought the home as a buy-to-let property as part of his plan to retire early.

The landlord was left physically sick after seeing the disgusting mess
The landlord was left physically sick after seeing the disgusting mess

But he’s been left thousands of pounds out of pocket after being forced to foot hefty repair bills.

He said the occupants stopped paying rent for the last six months of their tenancy meaning he had use an abandonment order to get out of paying rent.

The dad-of-three said: ‘I think to be honest the law has gone too far in favour of the renters.

It took 60 bags to clear all the rubbish from the house
It took 60 bags to clear all the rubbish from the house

“The law is all with the tenants. It’s become very hard to get people out of a house – even if they are not paying the rent.

“It’s very difficult as we have had to pay all of the bills in the house and they’ve got away scot-free.”

It comes after another tenant from hell left over 5,000 beer cans filled with urine after breaking the toilet this week.

The situation was so bad inside the house in Hebburn, South Tyneside, that a team of professionals was hired out to clear the building of urine dumped on the carpet, in drawers, and even behind a TV.

Removal workers also had to clear up cigarette packets and pizza boxes carelessly discarded across the house.

Earlier in the week, another disgusting tenant left his flat full of 8,000 beer cans, rotting food and a toilet piled four feet high with waste.

It was so bad that the cleaner vomited three times while sorting the mess.

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