Report Claims Dolly Parton’s Marriage ‘Melting Down’

Are Dolly Parton and Carl Dean melting down? One report says Dean is frustrated with Parton for going back on the road. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Parton Refuses To Relax’

According to the Globe, Parton and Dean are clashing over their differing lifestyles. Parton won’t stop her legendary career, an insider says, but the reclusive Dean thinks it’s time for her to retire. The source explains, “Carl wishes they could lead a normal life. He can’t understand why Dolly refuses to relax a little more.”

Even when Parton is home, her motor never stops running. She’s reportedly investing in a slew of projects, wants to expand Dollywood, and is even planning a world tour. Tensions have been high between the two, as insiders say his health’s declining.

Parton and Dean have always had different energies, but tensions are finally coming to a head. The insider concludes, “Carl never stood in the way of Dolly’s music and film careers, but now he’s complaining how bothered he is. People worry they won’t survive because their differences are more apparent now.”

How Is Dolly Parton?

Gossip Cop has debunked stories about Dean’s waning health, so we’re already a little suspicious. Why exactly are their differences “more apparent now”? Dean and Parton have had a solid marriage for 55 years now. In that time she’s always been outgoing, and he’s always been reclusive. Again: Why would this suddenly be an issue in year 55 when it wasn’t a problem for the other 54?

Any and all stories about Dean are pretty impossible to believe. He’s among the most private individuals with a connection to Hollywood. When Parton gifted him some recreated Playboy photos for his birthday, it made the news because you could see the back of his head. There’s only a handful of photos of Dean, and he never gives interviews.

How in blazes could the Globe possibly have this kind of insight into Dean’s life. Parton’s still getting him creative gifts, so Gossip Cop just doesn’t buy that they’re struggling. It’s true that she’s investing, writing books, and expanding Dollywood. This is just business as usual for Parton, so there’s no logical reason for Dean to suddenly get huffy.

Other Parton Gossip

The Globe attacks Parton all the time, so the bogus stories are starting to pile up. She never adopted a 10 year old, and she’s not starving herself either. It also reported that Parton would splurge on plastic surgery for her 75th birthday. She’s always gotten her plastic surgery incrementally, and that binge didn’t come to pass.

Dean and Parton wouldn’t have made it to year five if Dean hated her schedule. With a track record this bad, there’s no way this story is true.

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