Researchers meet whale shark passing with a few ‘passengers’. Watch

The world of water is vast and it houses incredibly beautiful creatures. Showcasing one such inhabitant is this video that has now left people amazed. There is possibility that the clip will leave you stunned too.

Schmidt Ocean Institute took to Instagram to share the video. It shows a whale shark. What, however, is even more incredible to watch is the fish giving a ride to a few ‘passengers.’

“For International #WhaleSharkDay: While performing safety drills during the #TwilightCorals expedition, #ResearchVessel Falkor crew caught sight of a whale shark passing by with a few “passengers,” the organisation wrote. International Whale Shark Day is celebrated each year on August 30.

Take a look at the incredible video that may leave you in awe:

The clip, since being shared, has gathered more than 1,200 views. A few wrote “Wow” to express their reactions to the video.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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