Resident finds ‘passive aggressive’ note on car telling them to stop coughing

We all have that one annoying neighbour.

Perhaps they leave their bins in the wrong place or demand food when they pop round for a visit.

But have you ever thought that you may be the neighbour everyone dreads?

This Reddit user was unaware of his irritating habit until a fellow neighbour left a cringe-inducing note on their car.

Taking to the online forum, the original poster titled the post and asked: “This was on my windscreen this morning. Anybody else have passive aggressive neighbours?!”

Awkwardly, the sign was printed out on a piece of white A4 paper that read: “Can you kindly stop coughing loudly early in the morning as it’s waking up half the street.”

The note has ruffled a few feathers on Reddit

Many people took to the comments as they related to the post.

One person commented: “My mum got a note left on her car saying ‘nice parking you c**t’. She was parked on her own driveway.”

Another user added: “My mum got one that says “what a fucking w***er at parking”

But a third person seemed to be on the neighbour’s side.

They wrote: “There’s a guy who laughs and talks at the bus stop near my building who’s woken me up a few times.

“I wish I could leave a note on the bus or something for him to relax and be depressed in the morning like the rest of us.”

Someone else simply asked: “How loud are you coughing to wake up half the street?”

Let us know in the comments if you would leave a note for an annoying neighbour!

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