Restaurant owner hits back at customer for ‘appalling’ complaint on Facebook

A boss of a new restaurant hit back at a customer for their negative review online.

The customer’s review on Facebook forced the owner at Marshall’s, a restaurant in Teesside, to share the other side of the story.

In the complaint, the customer “Neil” claimed his party waited 40 minutes for their meals after being told they couldn’t move tables.

He wrote: “Appalling service!

“[I] asked for another table as I wasn’t happy with our table next to the entrance and was told there were no other tables available even though the place was nearly empty.

“While eating our starter we were asked if we’d ordered our mains for the same time as our starter, replied no.

“Decided to call time on our mains arriving after waiting 40 minutes and watching the couple on the next table who arrived after us ordering, receiving and eating their meal.”

The owner detailed the whole evening of events

But the restaurant, which opened newly this summer, shared their version of events in a Facebook post.

The interaction attracted a huge amount of attention online for its “no-nonsense” approach, reports Mirror Online.

In the reply, the owner described how the restaurant staff were “surprised” at the review with them claiming the service was “bang on”.

The review added: “But as we do ‘hold our hands up’ if we are at fault, we reviewed the CCTV and time stamps to get an accurate account of your experience with us.”

Restaurant owner's brutal response to negative review goes viral
The owner replied after ‘Neil’ slammed the restaurant for its ‘appalling’ service

In the response, it outlined a detailed timeline of events from the evening.

It said: “So Neil, you and your lovely guest entered our Emporium at 5:08pm and were greeted by our cheery Grace who after a warm ‘Marshall’s welcome’ you were shown to your seats at 5:09pm.

“FYI these are our (the owners) favourite seats, Neil.

“Your drinks order of a pint of old Mout (great choice by the way) and a glass of wine was taken at 5:12pm and delivered to your table with gusto at 5:15pm.

“When you requested a change of table this was not possible as all tables were reserved by lovely customers, shortly due to arrive. At this point you had been in our quaint, quirky restaurant for 7 minutes.”

The owner revealed how Neil’s order for starters was taken at 5:21pm.

As for the dishes, which the owner said were “steaming with flavour and goodness”, these were served to the table just eight minutes later, while waiter Ethan popped back a minute later to check there were no complaints with the food.

The table reportedly had “no complaints”.

In the post, it continued: “Our excellent Ethan collected your empty plates and told our amazing chefs to start cooking your delicious main course meals at 5:36pm.

“Wonderful Georgia had a quick chat and replenished new cutlery at 5:39pm.

“You had been in our super douper venue for approximately 30mins at this stage. Excellent Ethan popped over at 5:48pm to see if you would like any more drinks. No signs that we had upset you or your guest at this stage.”

Then the owner’s response gets a little heated as the customer is accused of “shouting and screaming” at the staff members.

It added: “All was going well until your guest raised her voice to wonderful Georgia and then proceeded to move from her seat at 6:04pm to shout and scream at delightful Nick at the till, who was now very confused.

“Neil, you had been waiting for 30 minutes for your freshly cooked main courses, which is perfectly normal as we are not a microwave ‘ping’ pub.

“Nick stayed calm remembering our mantra, ‘We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentleman’ (in most cases) and was somewhat relieved when you came over Neil, to hopefully calm the situation.

“But when you said, ‘shut up a minute and let me have a go at him!’, Nick knew there was a very unusual situation to handle.

“You complained that the main courses weren’t appearing. Nick explained they are here now (6:04pm) but this did nothing to appease you, so you paid for what you had and left, wasting all the beautiful food our team had lovingly prepared.”

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The response was finished with the owner wishing the next restaurant “all the best” with Neil.

It concluded: “Where you say ‘appalling service’ we are not sure if we could ever have pleased you, Neil.

“We delivered a great service where you had drinks, freshly made starters and your main courses cooked to perfection, all within the hour, in a beautiful, lovingly restored venue which is now an unusual, vibrant space, which Neil, you haven’t mentioned in your post.

“The statement in your post, Neil, which says ‘I will not recommend or come back’ is one we all read with a sigh of relief!

“We wish the next restaurant all the best with your custom!”

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