Restaurant workers in stitches as four-year-old leaves rude note about dad

Restaurant staff were in stitches when a four-year-old child handed them a note.

At Woodland Creatures bar and restaurant in Leith, Edinburgh, the kid decided to update staff members on his dad’s bowel movements.

So when the bill arrived after he enjoyed a vegan roast dinner, he decided to write a note on it.

As his dad was using the customer toilets, the cheeky tot scribbled: “Dad’s doing a jobby”.

Waiter Carlos told Edinburgh Live: “There was a young family in for Sunday Roasts and Kids Eat Free.

“I served them and found the surprisingly legible note from the young boy just as they were leaving. Daddy was in the bathroom just before they left.”

The hilarious message was found at the bottom of the bill

A picture of the bill with the naughty message was posted on social media, where it sparked amusement.

One person tagged a mate saying: “Doing this to you next time we’re out.”

Another joked: “The only sensible action after three vegan roasts.”

So what do you make of the amusing note? Let us know in the comments section below.

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