Resurfaced interview between Oprah and Dolly Parton sparks debate about plastic surgery

A 2003 interview with Oprah Winfrey and Dolly Parton has resurfaced with many fans of the country icon believing the singer was made to feel embarrassed over the amount of plastic surgery she has had.

However, fans are praising the 9 to 5 singer for her masterful handling of Winfrey’s questions.

A snippet of the 2003 interview was posted to Twitter this week where it has gained one million views and hundreds of replies.

In the interview, Oprah sceptically asked: “How are you defying age, Dolly? Whatcha doing?”

Dolly quipped: “Oh I don’t know, I’m a cartoon so I just look the same all the time.”

Oprah followed up with: “You’ve been open about that you’ve had some work done, some tucks and pulls and sucks.”

Dolly responded: “Yes I have and I’ll have some more when I need ‘em.”

The audience laughs with Dolly and Oprah responds “really?” while looking at the camera.

Dolly added: “I have a funny little thing I was telling the girls, all the girls that are singing on this tribute album, a lot of them are very young. I said I was already into plastic surgery when they were still sleeping on plastic sheets.”

Some Twitter users didn’t take kindly to Oprah seemingly trying to humiliate the Queen of Country, with many praising her gracious handling of the questions:

However not everyone agreed that Oprah was trying to embarrass Dolly in any way, with some noting that at the time of broadcast speaking about plastic surgery so openly would have been a rarity.

Either way, we can all agree on one thing – charismatic Dolly handled it beautifully.

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