Revealed: In New 9/11 Doc Martha Stewart Catered Food to the FBI During Crisis When They Swooped Into Her Office Building

The one new 9/11 documentary I want to see airs this Thursday on Paramount Plus. It’s called “26th Street Garage: The FBI’s Untold Story of 9/11,” and it’s the story of how the FBI set up an instant headquarters in the garage of the Starrett-Leigh Building on West 26th St. and the West Side Highway.

No one knew about it or where it was, but the 26th Street Garage became the center of all activity.

No one knew except Martha Stewart, of course. Her offices were in the building, and when she realized what was happening she became their caterer. Martha’s OmniMedia has kitchens and resources that came in handy. I don’t think we’ve ever heard that story before.

Of course, it was a year and a half later that Martha was arrested by the Feds in her insider trading scandal. She wound up going to jail. You’d have thought she’d earned some good points for her 9/11 work. I think she’s owed an apology.

My old pal, Anne Beagan, is a co-producer. Another old friend, Elaine Kaufman, would be so proud!

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