Revealed: Where Celebrities Keep their Awards


Every year, celebrities gather in different luxury arenas to pick their trophies. Some have gone to become household names in the Grammy’s and Oscars due to their consistent appearances in the award ceremonies. Unlike sports teams that build official trophy cabinets for their awards somewhere within their complex, you’ll be surprised to learn where celebrities store their awards, places you can barely imagine. 

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is a celebrated actress who keeps her awards in her bathroom. Weird, but hear her out. She explained that by keeping her trophies in her bathroom, as opposed to keeping them where every visitor would see them means that she won’t have many questions to answer from curious visitors.

Julia Roberts

The former Oscar winner Julia Roberts keeps her awards in her piano room, a very important room in her house where her daughter loves playing the family piano. She calls the room a ‘parlor’. She made the revelation during an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

John Legend

His name is Legend, and he’s already a legend in what he does. You would expect that the Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, and Tony awards winner’s trophy cabinet is full, being one of the most decorated artists. He has displayed his collection rightfully in his music room, right next to his favorite tool; his piano.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has won several awards, and his choice of storage suggests he won them for family. He keeps his expensive trophies on a dedicated family trophy shelf alongside other sports trophies won by other members of his family. It is the same place where you will find his wife’s ‘World’s Greatest Mom’ trophy.

Emma Stone

Emma is a previous Oscars winner, but she’s won several other trophies as well. Strangely, she only trusts her mother to keep her Best Actress Oscar Award safe. However, she keeps all her other awards in her house, starting from her first Spelling Bee trophy she won in 4th Grade.

Susan Sarandon

Apparently, Kate Winslet is not the only celebrity who keeps her awards in the bathroom. Susan Sarandon stores her Oscar award in her guest bathroom as well. She emerged the Best Actress in the 1996 Academy Awards, and she recently revealed on twitter that she found the loo the most suitable place to store her prestigious trophy.

Viola Davis

Viola confided that were it not for her husband Julius Tennon, who also happens to be her production partner, her awards would be locked somewhere in a garage. The former Oscars winner also won the Emmy and Tony awards, all of which sit pretty in the office she shares with Tennon. Doesn’t that sound like the most appropriate place to keep an award?

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr. was an Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Jerry Maguire. He revealed that he stores his beloved trophy in an old cabinet for purposes of maintaining its glitter, unlike in his screening room where it had started showing signs of aging.

Goldie Hawn

The seasoned actress won her only Oscar award way back in 1970 as the Best Supporting Actress. It has been quite some time, but Hawn has found her meditation room to be the ideal place to store her trophy. However, she did reveal that she often puts it away for fear of dwelling too much on the past. 



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