RHOBH fans demand Erika Jayne be FIRED as she calls herself the ‘champ’ of reunion despite claims she ‘stole millions’

FANS demand that Erika Jayne be FIRED from Bravo after referring to herself as the “champ” of the reunion episode despite accusations that she “stole millions.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star broke down in tears during the special as host Andy Cohen GRILLED her about her involvement in her husband’s fraud case.


Fans have demanded that Erika be ‘FIRED’ from BravoCredit: Bravo
Andy reportedly 'GRILLED' her during the RHOBH reunion


Andy reportedly ‘GRILLED’ her during the RHOBH reunionCredit: Bravo

Erika, 50, faced fierce criticism from fans after sharing a preview clip for the show’s reunion on Wednesday night.

The reality star posted the teaser which contained a series of tense moments from the episode as Andy and her co-stars asked her scathing questions about the embezzlement scandal.

Despite the dramatic nature of the video, the TV personality added the caption: “The Champ is here. Me. 💎”

Fans were floored by the quote, as they raced to the comments section to slam her as “disgusting.”

“What would you call yourself the champ?… Have some sympathy for the families who lost loved ones and were robbed by your husband. Disgusting,” one ranted.

“Delusional monster – pay the orphans and widows you lived off!” a second agreed.

A third laughed: “If digging their own grave was a person,” while a fourth remarked: “Erica and Rinna need to go.”

“And this is why no one has sympathy for you. The champ. You just lucked up to be around a cast that’s scared of you.

“Take a visit to RHOA. Different results,” another urged.

“I just hope this deplorable meaning @theprettymess is not asked back as I won’t be watching this show again,” a final expressed.

“Threatening people, zero empathy or compassion for those poor victims, spinning a narrative about affairs and car accidents. Have some dignity and get off the show and bring your snake friend Rinna with you!!!!” they finished.


The shocking trailer, which emerged as a precursor for the four-part reunion special that airs on October 13, featured tense scenes of Erika and her co-stars.

At one point, the controversial personality BROKE down in tears as host Andy Cohen GRILLED her about her involvement in her husband’s scandal.

The trailer began with longtime RHOBH star Lisa Rinna, 58, visiting Erika, two weeks before the reunion.

After Lisa tells Erika the other Bravo stars wondered if she would attend the reunion, the blonde responded: “I’m going. I’m not a f**king quitter.”

The Georgia native then revealed she had a dream about the RHOBH reunion, sharing “there’s gonna be some shots taken and some shots fired.”

Later, once the reunion began, Andy revealed that he would not be holding back in his questioning, saying: “We’re gonna put you on a skewer and we’re gonna fire up the barbecue.”

After various hard-hitting accusations from the Bravo executive, Erika angrily shouted: “Can someone please back me the f**k up on what I’m saying?”

When asked if she ever spoke to Tom about embezzling the money, the singer stumbled over her words and then began to cry.


Last month, The Sun exclusively revealed that Andy would be asking all the difficult questions while speaking with Erika during the reunion.

An insider revealed: “Andy didn’t go easy on Erika during the taping.

“The network expects this to be one of the highest-rated reunions so they encouraged Andy to ‘go there’ with the questions without exposing the show or Erika to any more legal issues.

“There is a lot to cover this year so Erika’s story took center stage before the other storylines were addressed.

“The plan was to shoot the most difficult questions first so they had the footage even if Erika decided to leave,” they claimed.

“There were several clashes and Erika left the reunion unhappy because she felt attacked by the line of questioning.”

The show reunion will air on October 13


The show reunion will air on October 13Credit: Bravo
The preview showed Andy asking hard-hitting questions


The preview showed Andy asking hard-hitting questionsCredit: Bravo
Erika has faced accusations of involvement in her husband's massive embezzlement scandal


Erika has faced accusations of involvement in her husband’s massive embezzlement scandalCredit: Bravo
RHOBH season 11 reunion trailer features Erika Jayne breaking down in tears as Andy Cohen GRILLS her over fraud scandal

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