RHOBH fans slam Erika Jayne for claiming music career was ‘self-funded’ after claims she ‘stole $25M from ex’s law firm’

REAL Housewives Of Beverly Hills fans slammed Erika Jayne for once claiming her music career was “self-funded.”

This comes after recent claims the reality star “stole $25million from her ex-husband Tom Girardi’s law firm.”


Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne once claimed her music career was ‘self-funded’Credit: YouTube/ Erika Jayne
This comes after claims the reality star 'stole $25million' from her now ex-husband Tom Girardi's law firm


This comes after claims the reality star ‘stole $25million’ from her now ex-husband Tom Girardi’s law firmCredit: AP Photo

A RHOBH fan took to Reddit to share a passage from Erika’s 2018 memoir Pretty Mess, which took a dive into her financials.

In the book, Erika wrote: “The whole Erika Jayne project was only possible because I’m self-funded.

“Now, the haters are always going to say, ‘All you do is spend your husband’s money.’ First of all, it’s our money. Know how I know? Because the IRS tells us that it is. My name is on the tax return, too.”

The 50-year-old also added that she has the “advantage of a strong checkbook.”

Fans weren’t quite happy with that statement at all, as one wrote in the comments section: “Does she honestly believe that she would have had the opportunity to do ANYTHING she has done since she married that evil old man? She gives herself way too much credit!”

Another ranted: “Admitting your singing career only exists because you’re paying to perform is a weird flex.”

One claimed: “Toms law firm paid her LLC bills to the tune of 25 million dollars, 14 million of which were on her Amex, so no honey you weren’t self funded.”

Another fan wrote: “Of all the lies to come up with, that one was the stupidest one…”

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Erika has released various songs in her singing career, including Get It Tonight with Flo Rida, How Many F**ks, and Xxpensive.


Things have changed, however, as the Bravo star has been receiving plenty of backlash after she and ex Tom were accused of “stealing millions from plane crash victims.”

Back in July, Erika was also accused of receiving $25million in “jewelry and luxury items” from Tom’s law firm.

Her company was also accused of spending $1,532,774.88 at the McDonald Selznick Associates Agency, who is “the first agency dedicated to represent dancers and choreographers exclusively”

A court filing claimed Erika, her businesses, and Tom’s law firm “conspired to conceal” the funds to keep the money away from the creditors in the bankruptcy case.

It read: “Erika has used her glamor and notoriety to continue to aid and abet in sham transactions that have occurred with respect to large transfers of assets from the Debtor.”


While Erika claimed she was “self-funded” in 2018, her tune has changed recently, as she said in an episode of her popular series that she never left Tom for “cheating” due to being “solely dependent” on him.

She told Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards: “… I’m solely dependent on my husband at this point so if I cut my cards, what am I going to do come to you and say ‘help me divorce my husband?’

“I was in no position to go anywhere. But we had no prenup. I still don’t have a prenup and I still don’t have a f**king dime from him!

“But I said I’m going to work really hard so one day I can stand on my own two feet. And that’s what I did.”

Tom and Erika would divorce after 20 years of marriage before the shocking allegations were known.


While Erika has denied any sort of involvement or having knowledge of her ex-husband’s business proceedings, streaming service Hulu released a special about the scandal called The Housewife and the Hustler.

The documentary disclosed the details of Tom’s multi-million dollar legal career and his wife’s lavish spending habits.

Since the allegations dropped, Erika has had to make a lifestyle change from her previous glam living – which includes downgrading from her $13M mansion to a tiny bachelorette pad.

Erika and her ex were also accused of 'stealing millions from plane crash victims'


Erika and her ex were also accused of ‘stealing millions from plane crash victims’Credit: Getty
Despite her claims that she's 'self-funded,' Erika recently claimed she was 'solely dependent' on the now disgraced lawyer


Despite her claims that she’s ‘self-funded,’ Erika recently claimed she was ‘solely dependent’ on the now disgraced lawyerCredit: Bravo
Watch Erika Jayne’s 2016 music video, How Many F**ks?

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