RHOBH’s Erika Jayne bashed for insisting she’s acted ‘courageous’ amid claims she & ex Tom stole millions from orphans

REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills fans blasted Erika Jayne for calling herself “courageous” during her ongoing legal battle, instead of the “real victims.”

During Wednesday’s episode of the Bravo show, Erika admitted that she currently has “zero dollars” to her name because of the situation with her ex Tom Girardi.


Erika Jayne insisted she’s been ‘courageous’ amid her legal troublesCredit: Bravo
Claims have been made that Erika and ex Tom Girardi embezzled millions from his former clients


Claims have been made that Erika and ex Tom Girardi embezzled millions from his former clientsCredit: AP Photo

While talking to co-star Kyle Richards, 52, she said: “I did read this morning that the bankruptcy trustees want to take the house and possibly evict Tom, so we’ll see.

“I’m out here rebuilding my life, but girl, I have zero dollars, and by the time those trustees are done with him, there will be nothing. So I walk out of this with nothing.”

Erika claimed that she told her lawyers she “expects nothing” out of it all, and her lawyers “looked at [her] and said, ‘That is the most courageous thing I’ve ever heard.’”

She continued, as she took another sip of her champagne: “Every day brings a brand new disaster. It’s just full of f**king bulls**t.”

Kyle, like fans, were shocked to hear Erika call herself brave and strong, instead of about the actual victims involved in the legal situation.

In a confessional, Kyle said: “Nobody wants to see themselves with nothing, but, obviously the victims here are the ones that need to be paid the money. It’s plain and simple.”

One surprised viewer tweeted: “My jaw just dropped at erika calling herself courageous.”

Another wrote: “Erika calling herself courageous. Girl please DON’T”

A third fan said: “Lol at Erika being courageous for not expecting a settlement from stolen money.”

Others said that “courageous is not a word” they’d use to describe the RHOBH star and slammed her for trying to play the victim.

“Bc she wasn’t going to take anymore $$ that her husband stole from victims,” one sarcastically wondered how she would consider herself brave. “Yes, ur a f**king saint.”

Erika split from ex Tom in November 2020, and they were hit with a number of lawsuits shortly afterward.

The former lawyer was accused of stealing millions from his clients.

Despite claiming she was not aware of Tom’s wrongdoings, the Bravo star has found herself at the center of the legal drama.

Erika was accused of “hiding her bank statements,” as a trustee’s special litigation counsel confirmed that Tom’s law firm transferred about $20 million to her many businesses.

The pair’s legal drama has become a hot topic on the most recent season of RHOBH, while fans have accused the TV personality of “lying” about the scandal.

Erika currently lives in a bachelorette pad, which she moved into after leaving her $13million LA mansion that she shared with ex-husband.

On Monday, rumors began to swirl that Erika is looking to downgrade after she was spotted exiting a West Hollywood apartment building with an outdoor sign that promoted vacant units. 

Following speculation that Erika was thinking of moving into the Los Angeles residence, Page Six reported that the building’s manager took to his Instagram Story to set the record straight.

After explaining that Erika was at the building “visiting a friend,” he added: “God people are insane!”

Erika told Kyle Richards on this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that it's just been one 'disaster' after the other for her


Erika told Kyle Richards on this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that it’s just been one ‘disaster’ after the other for herCredit: Bravo
Kyle, as well as fans, couldn't believe Erika was playing the victim instead of the clients who allegedly had their money stolen


Kyle, as well as fans, couldn’t believe Erika was playing the victim instead of the clients who allegedly had their money stolenCredit: Bravo
Kyle DEMANDS Erika ‘apologize’ in finale preview after star is slammed for ‘not addressing ex’s fraud victims’

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