RHOBH’s Erika Jayne shows ‘no emotion’ about co-stars’ concern over embezzlement claims, body language expert reveals

REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne showed “no emotion” as her co-stars drilled her with questions about Tom Girardi’s alleged embezzlement.

During last night’s episode, the 51-year-old blonde said she felt ganged up upon when the housewives confronted her during Kyle Richard’s Christmas dinner.


Erika Jayne was drilled by co-stars over her involvement in Tom Girardi’s embezzlementCredit: Bravo
She kept a poker face throughout the interrogation


She kept a poker face throughout the interrogationCredit: Bravo

During the episode, Sutton Stracke, 49, said: “I think Erika is lying to us.”

She then asked Erika: “You should have access to some things before it hits the press?” 

Erika appeared annoyed and fired back: “I have no access to lawsuits about Tom.”

Sutton, who appeared not to believe her, asked: “Where I have a problem is… why did $20 million go into your LLC? How did you not see that?”

Looking angry, Erika said: “No I did not know that. I did not know anything, I was kept away from the books, even my own LLC. 

“I found out from the LA Times article that we had $50-$80 million in cash, that’s all gone.”

Sutton asked: “Have you had any discussions with attorneys about the story and how to navigate through it?”

Erika responded: “No.”

Body language expert claimed she thought she was superior to the other housewives


Body language expert claimed she thought she was superior to the other housewivesCredit: Bravo
She also refused to show any type of emotion


She also refused to show any type of emotionCredit: Bravo


Following the dinner, expert Judi James told The Sun that Erika had mastered the poker face for her co-stars.

During the scene, Erika was serious and kept her eyes straight on whoever was talking to her.

She even grinned a couple of times, which was a contrast to La Quinta, when she couldn’t stop sobbing.

“Erika does appear to have created an almost perfect ‘Poker face’ here too, with little if any movement in her facial expression, even micro-expressions,” Judi claimed.

“This is an unusual achievement, especially as her mouth does appear to be curled up into a perma-smile that also stays fixed in place.

“If she has had a lot of work done that sphynx-like response could be partially responsible, but to look at her eye direction the suggestion is that she isn’t keen to display any type of emotional response to the concerns and questions of the other women as she seems to keep her eyes fixed straight ahead for most of this clip rather than looking around to read their concerns or to create any social bonding.”

Addressing Erika’s response to the women questioning her role in Tom’s alleged embezzlement, Judi claimed: “There is no signs of empathy on display here and no signs of either reassurance or even pleading for support or trust.

“Her status signals look high and the way she speaks to or ignores the other women suggests a sense of superiority rather than a concern to get their buy-in.

“At some moments she appears to have removed herself from the table as they talk around her and over her.

“Her small smile looks knowing, almost as though she expected no better from them. One small movement that is a cross between a wince and a smile suggests she feels she is under some form of unfair attack.”

Despite her poker face, Judi said Erika is not nervous about being questioned, unlike someone who has something to hide or was lying.

“There are no subtler signs of inner tension on display here that could suggest dishonesty although symptoms are never universal and depend on inner pressure causing feelings of guilt,” she said.

“Her blink rate does not increase in this clip and her breathing doesn’t appear to become faster or more shallow. There is no licking of the lips or swallowing visible and no anxiety rituals like fiddling or fidgeting.”


The RHOBH star filed for divorce from Tom, 82, in November after 21 years of marriage.

Shortly after their split was confirmed, the former couple began to be hit with a number of lawsuits.

Despite claiming she wasn’t aware of Tom’s wrongdoings, the Bravo star has found herself at the center of the legal drama.

Erika was previously accused of “hiding her bank statements,” as a trustee’s special litigation counsel confirmed that Tom’s law firm transferred an eye-opening $20 million to the Bravo star’s many businesses.

The RHOBH star even appeared to create one of the businesses after news broke of the embezzlement scandal.


The pair’s legal drama has been heavily documented during the recent season of RHOBH.

During last week’s new episode, Erika stormed off set crying while on a group trip to La Quinta as her costars learned of her alleged involvement in ex Tom “Ponzi scheme.”

The TV personality broke down in tears and locked herself in the bathroom during a discussion about the lawyer’s legal troubles.

She later got up and abruptly left as she declared she’s “going home” back to Los Angeles.

The TV personality left the house in tears and left her friends stunned as they wondered if there’s “more to the story.” 

The following morning, an article by the Los Angeles Times came out that called Tom’s situation a “ponzi scheme.”

According to the article, Tom was “improperly funneling” over $20 MILLION into Erika’s entertainment business LLC.

Erika filed for divorce days before Tom was accused of stealing money from clients


Erika filed for divorce days before Tom was accused of stealing money from clientsCredit: Bravo
Erika was far more emotional during the previous episode


Erika was far more emotional during the previous episodeCredit: Bravo
She sobbed as she was asked about Tom


She sobbed as she was asked about TomCredit: Bravo

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