RHOBH’s Erika Jayne SLAMMED for taking 11 months to address husband’s ‘alleged victims’ in ‘staged’ statement at reunion

ERIKA Jayne was slammed for taking 11 months to address husband’s “alleged victims” in a “staged” statement at tonight’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills reunion. 

Part one of the explosive four-episode reunion began with a bang as the Bravo star finally addressed the widows, orphans and others who accused her husband Tom Girardi of embezzling millions of their dollars. 


Erika Jayne was slammed by Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills fans at tonight’s reunionCredit: Bravo
Viewers were furious Erika referred to people suing Tom Girardi as 'alleged victims'


Viewers were furious Erika referred to people suing Tom Girardi as ‘alleged victims’Credit: Twitter

Right off the bat, Erika, 50, is asked by host Andy Cohen if her attorney’s advised her to quit RHOBH due to being wrapped up in her estranged husband’s legal scandal. 

When Andy, 53, begged the question, the Pretty Mess singer responded: “They did. And I said no because I have nothing to hide. 

“And they said, ‘this s**t will be twisted around’ and could be used against you. I’ve thought about it but I’m not a quitter. 

“I didn’t want to runaway from everything that’s coming at me. So I stayed.”

She then publicly addressed the victims for the first time since the case first became news back in November 2020. 

When Andy asked what the biggest misconception people have of her is, Erika insisted: “That I’m cold and have no sympathy. 

“But I’m in an almost impossible situation. And anyone who has been wronged, I want them to be made whole. 

“I’m talking about the alleged victims of the alleged wrongdoings from Tom and it’s important people hear that from me.”

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Not only were people furious that Erika took nearly a year to address the people involved in the case, viewers were outraged she kept referring to them as “alleged” victims.

One person tweeted: “How incredibly tone deaf and privileged of Erika to call Tom’s victims, ‘alleged’ and then says she’s ready to “close this chapter”and calls it bulls**t.

“Ma’am your husband stole from victims and deposited the money into your account, you can’t just wash your hands of this!”

Another critic wrote: “Erika can go to h*ll for that “alleged victims” comment.”

Along with a confused gif, someone else said: “Ummm Erika the victims are not ‘alleged’ they’re real and they actually exist.”

More critiqued the aspiring pop star for being “rehearsed” while speaking about her legal situation.

“I’m not buying this innocent soft spoken remorseful act from Erika. She’s clearly been coached by her lawyers,” a Twitter user insisted.

“Erika trying to sell us this damsel in distress ‘All my life i had to fight’ diatribe, save these rehearsed speeches ma’am cause we’re not buying it,” another wrote.

One more concluded: “Erika and this politician/staccato voice is giving hella rehearsed tease.”

Fans have been disgusted with Erika’s attitude all season long, as she has continued to complain “look at my f**king life” while not once publicly addressing the victims from Tom’s case.

Even while promoting the teaser which contained a series of tense moments from the episode, she labeled herself as the “champ.”

Despite the dramatic nature of the video, the TV personality added the caption: “The Champ is here. Me. 💎”

Fans were floored by the quote, as they raced to the comments section to slam her as “disgusting.”

“What would you call yourself the champ?… Have some sympathy for the families who lost loved ones and were robbed by your husband. Disgusting,” one ranted.

“Delusional monster – pay the orphans and widows you lived off!” a second agreed.

Erika and Tom, 82, have been accused of stealing settlement funds intended for the families of victims killed in a 2018 plane crash.

Court papers seen by The Sun show Erika’s company was allegedly given more than $25million by her ex’s legal firm, which has now filed for bankruptcy, and she is being asked to pay it back.

She has continuously denied knowing anything about her husband’s finances during their marriage and said the money was not for her.

Andy Cohen 'grilled' Erika Jayne about her involvement in Tom's alleged crimes


Andy Cohen ‘grilled’ Erika Jayne about her involvement in Tom’s alleged crimesCredit: Bravo
Tom Girardi's career crashed in 2020 after he was accused of stealing millions from orphans & widows


Tom Girardi’s career crashed in 2020 after he was accused of stealing millions from orphans & widowsCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Erika has complained all season about how difficult her life is


Erika has complained all season about how difficult her life isCredit: Bravo
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