RHOBH’s Kyle Richards says Erika Jayne is ‘very upset & embarrassed’ by costars alarmed reaction to embezzlement scandal

REAL Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards said Erika Jayne is “upset and embarrassed” by her costars alarmed reaction to her ongoing embezzlement scandal. 

The Pretty Mess singer lashed out at her Bravo cast mates on last week’s episode as the ladies revealed they sought legal counsel due to their association to her fraud case with husband Tom Girardi. 


Kyle Richards said Erika Jayne is ‘very upset and embarrassed’ by her embezzlement scandalCredit: Youtube/Bravo
The RHOBH cast member 'lashed out' at her costars in last weeks episode for their legal questions


The RHOBH cast member ‘lashed out’ at her costars in last weeks episode for their legal questionsCredit: Bravo

Though the RHOBH cast all claim they “knew nothing” about Erika’s financial drama, Kyle, Sutton Stracke, Garcelle Beauvais and Dorit Kemsley all admitted to seeking outside legal advice just from being closely associated with Erika. 

The group, with the heavy lifting done by Sutton, then questioned Erika on how much she did or didn’t know of her husband Tom’s alleged illegal activity – which court docs claim was used to fund the reality star’s “lavish” lifestyle and career. 

On the after show special for this week’s episode, Kyle, 52, admitted that Erika was “embarrassed” regarding the questions she was asked 

“Erika was obviously very upset and hurt and probably embarrassed that someone in our group would think like that so she lashed out,” the OG Housewife said. 

Her sister, Kathy Hilton, 62, added that an “angry” Erika reached her “tipping point.” 

“I think she was just angry and at her tipping point, and she’d had it, and that’s how she felt,” the latest addition to the show said. 

Erika is currently wrapped up in a legal scandal which accused her power attorney husband of robbing orphans and widows out of millions of dollars. 

According to a Los Angeles Times article, the couple at one time had between $50 to $80 MILLION in cash. 

The outlet reported that $20M of that money went directly into Erika’s LLC to boost her entertainment career. 

After the story hit the internet in December, costar Sutton Stracke, 49, became weary of the truth, saying “I think Erika is lying to us.”

In the episode – which filmed in December but aired tonight – she then asked Erika: “You should have access to some things before it hits the press?” 

Erika appeared annoyed and fired back: “I have no access to lawsuits about Tom.”

Sutton, who doesn’t fully believe Erika at this point, asked: “Where I have a problem is… why did $20 million go into your LLC? How did you not see that?”

Erika looked even angrier and said: “No I did not know that. I did not know anything, I was kept away from the books, even my own LLC. 

“I found out from he LA Times article that we had $50-$80 million in cash, that’s all gone.”


Sutton asked: “Have you had any discussions with attorney’s about the story and how to navigate through it?” to which Erika responded: “No.”

Court papers featured in The Housewife and the Hustler doc also state that Tom transferred $20 million to Erika’s company, EJ Global.

Erika has made a name for herself by flaunting her wealth over the years, even proudly saying “it’s expensive to be me” in her pop song.

She has since complained about her “downgraded” lifestyle of a Range Rover and $2M Los Angeles home.

Fans did not believe Erika’s claims she “knew nothing,” with one begging the question: “Where does 50-80 million dollars go????  

“It goes on tens of thousands of dollars of “glam” every month. She is such a liar!!”

“The LIES!! Erika is a terrible actress and a liar,” another tweeted. 

A third wrote: “Erika is a dirty dirty liar!!! No way you knew NOTHING and to show no remorse? Disgusting.” 

Sutton Stracke and other RHOBH stars questioned Erika's legal situation at a dinner party


Sutton Stracke and other RHOBH stars questioned Erika’s legal situation at a dinner partyCredit: Bravo
Erika has broken down in tears multiple times throughout this season of the Bravo show


Erika has broken down in tears multiple times throughout this season of the Bravo showCredit: Bravo
Tom Girardi is accused of 'stealing millions from widows and orphans'


Tom Girardi is accused of ‘stealing millions from widows and orphans’Credit: Bravo
RHOBH fans slam Erika Jayne as ‘dirty liar’ after saying she had ‘NO idea’ of her $80MILLION in cash with ex Tom Girardi

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