RHOBH’s Lisa Rinna & Dorit Kemsley slammed for ‘bullying’ Garcelle Beauvais at reunion & fans say they’re being ‘racist’

REAL Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Rinna and Dorit Kemsley are slammed for “bullying” Garcelle Beauvais at tonight’s reunion – with some fans claiming their comments are “racist.” 

Tension will escalate to an all-time high on tonight’s part one of the highly-anticipated RHOBH reunion – with a Bravo teaser clip already causing controversy amongst the fanbase. 


Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills fans accused Dorit Kemsley of ‘racist’ behaviorCredit: Bravo
Lisa Rinna and Dorit got into a heated feud with costar Garcelle on tonight's reunion


Lisa Rinna and Dorit got into a heated feud with costar Garcelle on tonight’s reunionCredit: Bravo
Garcelle Beauvais became emotional as she was 'attacked' by her costars


Garcelle Beauvais became emotional as she was ‘attacked’ by her costarsCredit: Bravo
Fans accused Dorit and Lisa of 'racism' and 'bullying' towards Garcelle


Fans accused Dorit and Lisa of ‘racism’ and ‘bullying’ towards GarcelleCredit: Bravo

In a pre-released clip, Garcelle – who is the first Black cast member to be featured on the show  – got into a heated argument with two of her rivals she’s had to battle all season. 

Previously, Dorit, 45, labeled Garcelle, 54, as a “bully”  – which fans took issue with as she had never used that term with her other costars who have often acted “much more outrageous.” 

Viewers also claimed both Dorit and Lisa, 58, have been guilty of “microaggressions” all season, including calling Garcelle “aggressive,” correcting the way she talked and excluding her from their friend group. 

Their issues came to a blow at the reunion, with Dorit being the first to attack, saying: ”You don’t say much when we’re together or to someone’s face, and then you’ll say it passive aggressively in the confessionals.” 

“First I say too much, and then I don’t say enough. Like, I can’t win with you,” Garcelle replied – appearing emotional. 

Host Andy Cohen then stepped in and questioned Dorit: “You said you want her to be direct but then you accuse her of throwing darts.”

Dorit appeared frazzled, yelling back at Andy: ”I want her to be direct, I don’t want her to throw darts.

“Throwing darts is not being direct, Andy. When you have an issue with someone, you look at them and you tell them you have an issue. 

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“You don’t throw a passive aggressive jab with a smile.”

Garcelle then brought up the topic of Dorit calling her a bully – which she later apologized for. 

Once Garcelle revealed she had accepted Dorit’s apology for that remark, Lisa sarcastically interrupted any said: “That’s nice.”

The Coming To America actress appeared furious, darting a look over to her rival before demanding: “Rinna, stop! We’ll get to it. Like, hold on girl,” she said of their unresolved issues. 

Lisa was outraged, and yelled back: “Garcelle, I’ll do whatever I want. Don’t you tell me to do anything, OK? Thanks.”


Fans were furious of the women’s treatment towards Garcelle – with many alleging race played a factor in their attitude. 

“Bravo you better check Lisa and Dorit for their obvious racist behavior. We are not gonna have them gang up on the only Black woman now,” one person tweeted. 

Another claimed: “Dorit is a closet racist. Going after Garcelle then deliberately correcting Garcelles grammar at Doritos trunk show. 

“A white woman correcting a BW speech, definitely sending a message. I was starting to think, Dorit was likeable. She’s still a snake. She can go!”

A third asked: “When is Dorit getting fired? I’ve had enough of that fake white racist witch on my screen. GO AWAY.”


“The way they speak to Garcelle with such disgust… I’ve seen these women scream at each other for years but the disgust they have with Garcelle is just another level. 

“It’s uncomfortable to even watch this. Not sure if I can take this reunion,” a critic said. 

While one more wrote: “Dorit & Rinna have no storyline other than bullying Garcelle and defending Erika. Both make them look petty amongst other things.”

Another commenter concluded: “They want to team up and bully the only Black woman on the cast? Really. Is that what they REALLY want to do? Disgusting…”

On an episode earlier this month, Garcelle broke down in tears as she told her costars she never felt like she “fit in” with them – something she said she struggled with her whole life growing up in primarily white communities. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills four-part Season 11 reunion begins tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. 

Fans claimed the way Garcelle was treated by her costars was 'not fair'


Fans claimed the way Garcelle was treated by her costars was ‘not fair’Credit: Bravo
The RHOBH reunion will span across four different parts on Bravo


The RHOBH reunion will span across four different parts on BravoCredit: Bravo
RHOBH’s Garcelle Beauvais says pal Denise Richards ‘wants back on show’ but only if Bravo FIRES one former co-star

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