RHOD star Tiffany Moon slammed for ‘tasteless’ 9/11 tribute as star deletes Instagram photo following backlash

REAL Housewives of Dallas star, Tiffany Moon has been blasted by fans by making a tone-deaf post on the anniversary of 9/11.

The reality star took to Instagram to post a selfie in memoriam of the devastating event that tragically took the lives of nearly 3,000 people.


Tiff’s tone deaf postCredit: Instagram/Tiffany Moon
The star on the cast of the real housewives of Dallas


The star on the cast of the real housewives of DallasCredit: Getty

Celebrities took to social media to flood the picture-sharing app with posts on the 20th anniversary of the horrific attack on the twin towers.

Dr Moon joined in with the rest of her celebrity cohort, posting a heartfelt message on Instagram- which wasn’t received well.

She posted a snap of herself wearing a white halter top adorned with bows, smiling as she placed a hand on her chest.

Captioned: “Today marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11. I wanted to take this moment to remember all the people who were affected by this tragedy. New York holds a special place in my heart.”

The picture was seemingly taken with good intentions but fans believed that a smiling snap of herself wasn’t fitting with the tone of the message.

She deleted the post, but fans on Reddit were quick to repost it, poking fun at the star.

“Look at this cute pic of me, oh btw sorry 9/11 happened.” one user wrote.

Another chimed in, saying “I swear we see this issue every year on 9/11 with celebrities, reality stars, and influencers.”

“One simple rule to prevent foolishness: DON’T POST A SELFIE ON 9/11. Nothing about your sad wistful caption, teary face, or worst of all, a random glamour shot/thirst trap photo honors the victims or first responders of 9/11.”

“Everyone wants to think they are the exception to this rule but they aren’t. It’s okay for one day to not be about you.”

A third wrote, in agreement: “This isn’t specific to her, but I’ve never understood why celebrities or people, in general, feel the need to post glamorized selfies and call them “tributes.” Sooooo many people do this and it’s just bizarre.”.

The tone-deaf post came after her co-star, Kameron Westcott was slammed for her controversial comments towards Moon.

The network says it stands with the Asian community after fans labeled tweets from Kameron, 38, and her husband, Court Wescott as “racially insensitive.”

The on-screen nemesis’ have had difficulty getting along all season but on Thursday, fans claim Kameron “crossed the line” when she fired off a series of comments towards her costar. 

As Bravo viewers demanded the blonde TV personality be fired from RHOD, the network released a statement siding with Tiffany. 

The company said: “Bravo strongly supports the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. 

“Anti-Racism is, in fact, not a form of racism and the network stands by Dr. Tiffany Moon and her advocacy against racism and violence.”.

Tiffany herself was slammed for “bullying”her co-star into eating chicken feet as Kourtney admitted she’d rather eat a**.

Kourt and Kameron Westcott landed in hot water recently


Kourt and Kameron Westcott landed in hot water recentlyCredit: Getty
Moon is a doctor


Moon is a doctorCredit: Twitter/@TiffanyMoonMD



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