RHOP fans shocked as Mia Thornton throws a SALAD in Candiace Dillard’s face in show’s first nasty food fight

RHOP fans were shocked after a food fight erupted between Mia Thornton and Candiace Dillard on last night’s episode.

During a couple’s trip to Chesapeake Bay organized by Wendy Osefo, 37, things got heated between Mia and Candiace rather quickly.


Candiace and Mia got into a heated argument during a couple’s tripCredit: Bravo
The fight escalated to both throwing salad at each other


The fight escalated to both throwing salad at each otherCredit: Bravo

Tensions rose when Wendy selected Candiace, 33, as the last one of the group to choose her room, putting Mia before her.

Wendy explained her reasoning by reminding Candiace that she said she “wanted Mia to feel welcome in this group,” in which Candiace responded: I did, past tense.”

Mia, 36, then commented that Candiace was an “afterthought” once her name was finally announced.

When the girls broke off to retrieve their rooms, Mia turned to Ashley Darby, 33, to complain about Candiace’s behavior calling her “mean.”

Standing just a few feet away, Candiace overheard Mia’s comment leading the two to exchange some choice words.

“I’m standing right here,” said Candiace. “So, if you’re going to call me ‘mean’ you might as well invite me into the conversation.”

Mia agreed leading the women to gather in the kitchen as the argument escalated.

Askale Davis, 36, then stepped in to confront Mia about a previous comment she made while on the phone with her “best friend.”

During the call, Mia said: “my beautiful bombshell, smart rich friend can understand me, not these broke b——,” seemingly referring to Candiace, Askale and Wendy. 

Mia denied the claims, as Candiace continued to dig into more issues she has with her costar.

“Let’s address the real issue. The elephant in the room is that you need to go to therapy because you have a problem with people who aren’t where you are” replied Candiace.

Mia again denied the accusations, in which Askale chimed in to say the problem is “classism.”

Candiace continued: “You are constantly reminding everyone of how much money you make that you only deal with high rollers.”

The conversation turned into a screaming match between the housewives as Candiace told Mia: “You just got here and you barely made it in, so watch your motherf****ing mouth. You can walk your night-crawling a** out of the room.” 

Mia began to walk away muttering, “she’s a child” causing Candiace to clap back screaming, “Where is your pimp? Where is your pimp?” 

“Pimp where you at? The h** is here!,” Mia teased back.

The jabs got more intense after Candiace threw a piece of lettuce at Mia telling her husband Gordon, “feed her, she’s hungry.”

Mia responded: “you need to grow up,” in which Candiace kept the argument going saying: “You started with me and you need to learn how to finish.”


Mia then resurfaced comments made in a previous fight between the pair when Mia called Candiace’s music video “low budget” and Candiace lashed back: “your mama’s low budget.”

Candiace stood by her comment, hitting back again: “your mother’s low-budget, go cry about it in your room.”

The low blow upset Karen Huger, 58, who interjected to tell Candiace that she doesn’t know Mia’s story.

Candiace ignored Karen and yelled “f**k you, Mia,” in which Mia gave a “f**k you” in return.

The episode concluded with Mia throwing a plateful of salad in Candiace’s face prompting Candiace to throw a fistful right back.


Candiace has a history of having some nasty arguments with her costars.

Former RHOP star, Monique Samuels quit the series after getting into a fight with Candiace, telling her followers that she was “over” the reality show.

Monique revealed the news in an Instagram live stressing that the “hate has become real” and that she’s “over it” in regards to the popular franchise.

“I thank God that my husband and I are in a position where we don’t really need for anything,” the mom of three said, adding, “I’m blessed, I’m grateful, that’s not me bragging that’s just me being absolutely 100.”

“If my kids were to get older and say they watched everything and they watched the show and all these different things happening behind the scenes, what response can I give them?” she continued.

The New Jersey native then alluded to her battle with co-star Candiace, stating: “Gaslight me once, gaslight me twice, gaslight me three times? Nah.”

“I throw you this,” she finished as she held up a peace sign to her viewers.


The physical fight, which aired on the show last September, was one of the nastiest in the show’s history, as Monique put her hands on Candiace’s neck and attempted to rip out her hair.

Candiace had been fighting with her co-star for most of the show’s season, and tensions ran high while the ladies were enjoying a wine tasting.

After the confrontation, both filed second-degree assault complaints with the District Court of Montgomery County in Maryland. (The charges were ultimately dismissed.)

During the Season 5 part-three reunion, tempers were raging as host Andy Cohen rehashed the quarrel, and Monique snapped: “If I’m fired, I’m going to go finish her off.”

Mia joined the cast after Monique Samuels announced she was not returning for season 6.

Candiace has a history of fighting with her costars


Candiace has a history of fighting with her costarsCredit: Getty
Mia joined the cast when Monique Samuels announced she was not returning for season 6


Mia joined the cast when Monique Samuels announced she was not returning for season 6Credit: Bravo
Several of the girls stepped in to voice their opinions during the fight


Several of the girls stepped in to voice their opinions during the fightCredit: Getty
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