Ric Flair to Appear at Major Pro Wrestling Event

Ric Flair is returning to his roots. This week the NWA announced Flair will appear at their next pay-per-view, NWA 73 in St. Louis on Aug. 29. Flair made a name for himself in NWA in the 1970s and 1980s, and he will now celebrate the promotion’s 73rd anniversary after leaving WWE.

“The timing is of course fortuitous,” NWA President Billy Crogan said in a news release, per Wrestle Zone, “in that we could arrange for Mr. Flair to be with us on this incredible weekend. To have the greatest of wrestling champions step through our ropes, returning home as it were to the NWA, and at the Chase of all places, will be an incredible moment that fans won’t want to miss. And this dovetails with the fact that the evening before, during our groundbreaking event NWA EMPOWERRR, Mildred Burke’s championship belt will be present for the NWA World Women’s Championship match between Kamille and AEW’S Leyla Hirsch; uniting eras as it were from past to present to future.”

Flair parted ways with WWE earlier this month after being with the company since 2012. That was his third stint in WWE, and his exiting comes after re-signing with WWE last year. Flair’s first run in WWE was from 1991-1993 and his second run was from 2001-2009.

Shortly after leaving WWE, Flair released a statement. “I Am Officially Able To Respond To All The Press Related To My Requested Release From WWE, Which They Have Given Me. I Want To Make It Really Clear With Everyone That I’m Not Upset With WWE At All. They Solely Are Responsible For Putting Me In The Position Of Life That I’m In Right Now, Where I’m Seen In The Brightest Light Ever. We Have A Different Vision For My Future. I Wish Them Nothing But Continued Success! Thank You For Everything! Nothing But Respect!”

Flair joined NWA in 1974, which would eventually become WCW since it was Jim Crockett Promotions. During his time in NWA, Flair would win the World Heavyweight Championship 10 times and was inducted into the NWA Hall of Fame in 2008.

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