Richard Madeley annoys Good Morning Britain viewers by focusing on Kate Middleton’s tiny waist

Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley irritated viewers after he focused a discussion on Kate Middleton ‘s ‘tiny waist’ at the Earthshot Prize Awards.

The ITV show aired a segment showing the Duchess of Cambridge awarding young winners as she and Prince William bestowed five winners with £1 million each during the ceremony, to honour their hard work helping the environment.

Viewers were outraged as GMB hosts Susanna Reid and Richard didn’t comment on the Royals’ work or their efforts instead, the segment saw Richard focus on how Kate’s body looked.

Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain

The Duchess of Cambridge arrives for the first Earthshot Prize awards ceremony at Alexandra Palace in London.

Richard said to his co-host: “She’s so slim isn’t she, Kate?” with Susanna responding: “She is, isn’t she?”

She then smiled while Richard added: “Tiny, tiny waist.”

Fans were horrified at their focus on Kate’s weight and took to Twitter to complain about his comments.

“Good morning Britain report on the Earthshot prize event, after which Richard Madely comments on how slim Kate is!” one user said. “Maybe a comment on the actual item reported on would have been good.”

Another wrote: “Richard is it really necessary to make personal comments about Kate like that?”

“Oh Richard,just say watching gmb and I was horrified when I heard your comment about the size of Kate’s waist!” one concerned viewer posted.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive for the first Earthshot Prize awards ceremony

The Duchess of Cambridge on stage, during the first Earthshot Prize awards ceremony at Alexandra Palace in London.

“Whole VT about climate change…what earthshot can do for the planet…switch back to @richardm56 and all he says is about how slim Kate Middleton is. Geez do better. #gmb,” another said.

Prince William had asked guests at the awards ceremony to “consider the environment when choosing their outfit” for the special event.

Both Kate and William wore clothing they previously owned as Kate recycled a 10-year-old Alexander McQueen dress that was created for her in 2011.

The Duchess of Cambridge previously wore her recycled dress to a BAFTA dinner in Los Angeles.

William wore a dark green velvet blazer he’d previously sported at an anniversary gala for charity Centrepoint in 2019 with a dark polo neck top as well as the 20-year-old trousers. They also arrived at the venue in an electric Audi car.

Among the celebrities at the ceremony were Harry Potter star Emma Watson, who walked the “green carpet” at London’s Alexandra Palace wearing a wedding dress made of 10 dresses from Oxfam, Dame Emma Thompson and Sir David Attenborough.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.


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