Rick and Morty Confirms A Dark Beth Theory

What follows is an oft-exhilarating mind journey that reveals many crucial bits of Rick and Morty “lore.” We see how Rick and Birdperson meet, how they fight a war against the Federation, and how they eventually fall out due to Rick’s knowledge of the pointlessness of the universe. Amid all of that, however, comes the most powerful bit of Rick Sanchez back story yet. 

As Rick meets a younger version of himself in Birdperson’s mind, the younger Rick is disgusted to see just how cliche and lame he will one day become. When older Rick mentions his grandson Morty, younger Rick responds in terror:

“You’re one of those creeps who moves in with abandoned adult Beths? You live with a version of our dead daughter.”

Older Rick doesn’t offer up a defense and basically confirms younger Rick’s suspicions. This means that the Beth (Sarah Chalke) we know and have spent five seasons with, is not Rick’s original Beth. 

At first glance, this isn’t multiverse-shattering news. We’ve seen literally hundreds of Ricks, Beths, and Mortys at this point. In fact, since season 1 episode 6 “Rick Potion #9”, both Rick and Morty have been living with a “new” Beth anyway. After Rick’s love potion for Morty creates a planet full of Cronenbergs, Rick and Morty run off to another universe where they died and take over their departed selves’ lives.

Still, the fact that Rick’s original Beth died does confirm a theory that the show has previously raised. In the season 3 premiere “The Rickshank Redemption”, a Federation agent delves into Rick’s mind and witnesses a moment in which Beth and Rick’s wife Diane are killed by a bomb dropped through a portal in Rick’s garage. Rick later calls the origin story “completely fabricated” but it’s clear now that there’s at least a grain of truth to it. He lost his wife and daughter and accessed the multiverse of infinite possibilities to be with them again.

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