Ridge Tries to Bury Quinn on ‘Bold and the Beautiful’

Bold and the Beautiful this week has Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) gunning for Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) by using a devious acquaintance in a cloak and dagger scheme. But of all people that Ridge gives this B&B task to, he picks Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) on this CBS soap.

So, if he wants proof against Quinn, this is the guy who will get it. Justin will peel the layers of her life back like an onion and report what he finds. But it looks like this doesn’t go the way it’s planned. Both Ridge Forrester and his wife Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) hoped it would get rid of her rival on upcoming B&B episodes.

Bold and the Beautiful This Week: Ridge Forrester Gets Down and Dirty

When Ridge Forrester makes this request to Justin Barber, he means business. He concocts this scheme with a man he considered his enemy on Bold and the Beautiful for many years.

It seems the dress designer believes he knows how to get what he wants on Quinn Fuller. So just what does Ridge want the shady lawyer to expose about Quinn?

He believes his stepmother continues to hurt his dad, Eric Forrester (John McCook). During an impromptu visit to Eric, last week on Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge went with Brooke and found him home alone.

But it was at night and he was alone. So, their concerns centered on where Quinn Fuller happened to be at that hour of the night. Those worries also came with accusations. On Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke suggested she was out with another man, maybe even Carter.

B&B Spoilers: Brooke Jab at Quinn Fuller Rings True

Eric just sent Quinn over to Carter Walton‘s (Lawrence Saint-Victor) house when they popped in unannounced. She went there with a confidential letter for the Forrester Creations COO.

The letter ended up as a permission letter from Eric Forrester tightly sealed and addressed to Carter Walton on Bold and the Beautiful last week. This gave him the husband’s stamp of approval for him to have a go at it with his wife.

Ironically as Ridge hammered at Eric with Brooke helping, his wife Quinn was with Carter on Bold and the Beautiful. And Brooke said they just want to be sure that Quinn stays true to the Forrester patriarch. She then chimed in that his cheating wife might even be with Carter right now. Little did she know that Quinn Fuller were with Carter, and it was her husband that set it up to happen.

Justin Barber is anxious to get on Ridge Forrester’s good side. Especially after he kidnapped and held Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) hostage. That Bold and the Beautiful debacle seemed to just vanish. But it looks as if the designing father didn’t turn Justin in.

So, as Soap Dirt previously suggested, that’s probably still hanging over Justin’s head. But doing a dirty deed for Ridge should smooth things over just a little bit. At the very least it chalks up some good points for the former Spencer Publications lawyer.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoiler: Justin Barber Gets the Dirt on Quinn for Ridge

It’s easy to predict what Justin finds now that B&B turned on that daring music again when Quinn meets Carter face to face. He’ll likely he’ll do a bang-up job getting evidence for Ridge. He’ll might even include video and photos as well on Bold and the Beautiful.

Soon, the hatred for Quinn Fuller hits an even higher level among Ridge’s son and wife. When they take what Justin found to Eric Forrester, Bold and the Beautiful predictions say he’ll likely blow up at Ridge for interfering – and tell Brooke off too.

Eric may even point his son and daughter-in-law to the door. But if they persist, he may be forced to tell them that he gave Carter and his ex-lover permission to do the dirty. Then, Eric more than likely ends up revealing his ED problem as well to explain why he’d do that.

This can only mortify the Bold and the Beautiful great-grandfather. It’s likely the fact that Ridge Forrester hired the unscrupulous Justin to stalk Quinn Fuller will also cause his father to blow another gasket.

This is one big Bold and the Beautiful plot that surely backfires. They wanted Quinn out of the house and far from Eric. Instead, it may be Ridge Forrester along with Brooke that are kicked to the curb – with Quinn Fuller waving goodbye from the door of the mansion on the CBS soap.


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