Right Said Fred’s frontman Richard Fairbrass was hospitalised with Covid, now he’s still refusing to get the vaccine

Despite being admitted to hospital following a positive test for coronavirus – where he spent four nights because he was experiencing breathing difficulties – Right Said Fred singer Richard Fairbrass has said he still won’t get jabbed to protect himself from the virus.

The “I’m Too Sexy” singer and anti-vaxxer, who probably thinks he’s “too sexy” for a vaccine, fell ill with Covid-19 last Saturday and was taken to Park Hospital in Berkshire by ambulance – according to MailOnline.

The 67-year-old is now recovering at home and has said his experience with Covid “wasn’t too bad”.

“I was a little breathless. I felt very tired,” he told the website, before claiming that the vaccine is “only for experimental use”.

He went on to add: “This vaccine is only for experimental use. It’s on trial until 2023. There’s no long-term data on it – anyone who takes it is foolish.

“Come 2023 and everything is fine, I’ll do it then. I’m absolutely not going to have one now.”

Fairbrass’ comments about a 2023 trial refer to what is known as the “estimated study completion date”, which is indeed in two years’ time.

This estimate relates to the date “on which the last participant in a clinical study was examined or received an intervention/treatment to collect final data for the primary outcome measures, secondary outcome measures and adverse events”.

In a post exploring the common claim, the fact-checking charity FullFact write: “For the Pfizer vaccine, the primary outcomes include reactions like pain at the injection site, systemic side effects like a fever or vomiting, and adverse events.

“Many of the secondary outcome measures involve examining or measuring samples from participants up to two years after their final vaccine. The completion date therefore has to be a few years in the future.

“The three coronavirus vaccines currently approved for use in the UK through temporary authorisations have been through all the normal stages of vaccine testing, including animal and human studies.”

Right Said Fred have long been sceptical of masks and lockdown, taking to Twitter to mock mask wearers and criticise stores which require customers to be fully vaccinated as a condition of entry:

Naturally, people aren’t surprised that a man strongly opposed to protecting themselves against Covid has now, in fact, tested positive for Covid:

After people on Twitter criticised Fairbrass’ stance, Right Said Fred have since responded to several comments to say that he was admitted to hospital for a different reason entirely.

“Rich had a fall, cracked his head, went to hospital, they kept him in for 4 days, he tested positive for Covid while there. He’s now home, on the mend, it’s a non-story,” they wrote.

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