Rihanna Posts Hilarious Video To Promote New Fragrance

Rihanna has a very distinct smell, and she has the reviews to prove it. The singer took to Instagram to post a hilarious video of celebrities talking about how “amazing” she smells. Just one day earlier, the mogul posted a video of herself in a series of nature shots. The voice-over featured a few words of wisdom from the 33-year-old. the ones that stood them reminded fans that they can “smell however the f**k they feel”. She captioned the video “#FENTYPARFUM ……… get early access, hit the link in my bio!”. Her followers were already excited about the launch but then the undercover comedian got a few more laughs with her latest post.

‘What’s Your Favorite Smell?’


RiRi shared a video montage of fellow celebrities and huge fans of the singer literally fawning over how amazing she smells. The montage started off with rapper Lil’ Nas X reading a fan question “What’s Your Favorite Smell?” and without hesitation, the “Old Town Road” rapper responded “ Rihanna” and just like that, the montage takes off. The 1:10 video features Cardi B, Graham Norton, Andre Leon Tally, Jennifer Lawrence, and plenty more who could not get enough of how good the billionaire singer smelled. Lawrence even took the time to share that her skin felt so soft in addition to her smelling “really good”.

Celebs Are Still Bragging

Jim Parsons and Lil Nas X both described her scent as “heaven”. The video was not only chalked full of personal testaments to how phenomenal she smells, homegirl even collected tweets and IG posts of celebrities describing how good she smells. Ryan Seacrest tweeted out that he smelled everyone on the red carpet at whatever awards show he was hosting that year and queen Ri smelled the best. Some of those same celebrities reiterated their points made in the video in the comment section of the post. Skai Jackson and Bretman Rock couldn’t help but tell everyone again that they remember exactly how Rihanna smells to this day.

Who Wants To Smell Like Rihanna?

This is genius marketing on the singer’s part. It seems pretty cost-effective and after all that praise who wouldn’t want to find out what other people seem to have been basking in for years? Rihanna has been teasing a parfum for a while now, but she officially began posting about it a week ago. She has been busy making us a bunch of other cool things like makeup, lingerie, and skincare. So naturally, a fragrance would be the next logical move. The Instagram post featured Rihanna in black and white photos with an edgy hairstyle. “#FENTYPARFUM COMING SOON👀” she wrote.

Does This Make Up For No Music?


She was met with immediate excitement from her 1.3 million followers. Singer Lizzo showed her joy with a simple “wow”. Katie Maloney Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules fame also showed her excitement, “Omg yesssssssssssa,” she wrote. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan-favorite also showed extreme excitement, “😍😍😍😍😍😍😍” Who else thinks that the newest member of the billionaire club has a new hit on her hands?

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